This video features Nicolas Defranoux, CTO at Ausha

Tell us about yourself and your company

Nicolas Defranoux: Hello, I'm Nicolas Defranoux. I'm the CTO of Ausha. Ausha is the first podcast marketing platform with all the tools a podcaster needs to launch their show.

Why did you start using Cloudflare?

We are hosting podcasts, and we track downloads because our users need to know how their shows perform. We were using a competitor CDN which was working great for content delivery, but was regularly unstable for logging, providing logs late or never. We went to Cloudflare just looking for a CDN which would work.

What benefits have you seen since using Cloudflare?

As a CDN, Cloudflare just works day after day after day, it works and delivers logs in a timely manner. So just for that, switching to Cloudflare was a success. But then we also discovered there was a big bunch of cherries on the cake. Of course, Cloudflare is a CDN. But it also comes with a nice analytic platform allowing us to dig in the logs to graph stuff to really see what is going on. Something we would have done manually with a lot of effort, and we might have reached half of what they give us out of the box. Another cherry is protection. After all, Cloudflare is well known in the market for that. And knowing we have a battlefield tested DDoS protection in front of us is giving us peace of mind. Adding to that, the fact, you are intuitive and have a happy customer.

What is your favorite thing about Cloudflare?

I really like Cloudflare's reliability. You don't have to worry. You can focus on something else.

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