Welcome to Birthday Week

2021 marks Cloudflare’s 11th birthday, and each day this week we will announce new products and host fascinating discussions with guests including product experts, customers, and industry peers.

Featured Fireside Chats

Join us all week long on Cloudflare TV as we engage business and industry leaders to explore many of the key issues facing the future of the Internet.

Julie Cordua

CEO of Thorn

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John Scott Railton

Senior Researcher of The Citizen Lab

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Dacheng Tao

SVP of JD.com

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Pat Gelsinger

CEO of Intel

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Rob Chesnut

Former General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb
Author of the Bestseller "Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead An Ethical Revolution"

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Welcome and Wrap Up

Blog: Welcome to Birthday Week 2021

It has been our tradition, since our first birthday, to use this week to launch innovative new products that we think of as our gift back to the Internet. Welcome to #BirthdayWeek🎂 2021!

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Cloudflare TV: Welcome to Birthday Week

Join Matthew Prince (CEO & Co-Founder, Cloudflare), Michelle Zatlyn (Co-Founder, President & Chief Operating Officer, Cloudflare) and Jen Taylor (SVP, Chief Product Officer, Cloudflare) as they kick off Cloudflare's 11th Birthday with this fireside chat on Cloudflare TV.

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Blog: The secret to Cloudflare’s pace of Innovation

How do we get so much stuff out so quickly? That we are able to innovate — and innovate so quickly — is no happy accident. In fact, this capability has been very deliberately built into the DNA of Cloudflare. I want to touch on three of the reasons most unique to us: one relates to our people, one relates to our technology, and one relates to our customers.

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Press Release: Cloudflare Takes On Email Security

Cloudflare announced its entry into email security with new offerings to help solve email challenges in an easy-to-use way that gives customers more control. Now, users will be able to create custom email addresses, manage incoming email routing, and prevent email spoofing and phishing on outgoing emails—all for free.

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Blog: Easily creating and routing email addresses with Cloudflare Email Routing

You can now easily and quickly create email addresses for domain, and forward to them all to your preferred inbox, like Gmail or Outlook. Cloudflare Email Forwarding is completely free, and always respects your privacy by not storing or looking into your emails.

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Blog: Tackling Email Spoofing and Phishing

Today we’re announcing a new tool to tackle email spoofing and phishing. We’ll warn users about insecure configurations and provide an easy-to-use wizard to create required DNS records.

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Cloudflare TV: John Scott Railton & Joe Sullivan Fireside Chat

In this Cloudflare TV segment, we will have a fireside chat between Joe Sullivan (SVP, Chief Security Officer of Cloudflare) and John Scott Railton (Senior Researcher at The Citizen Lab).

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Cloudflare TV: Creating and routing email addresses with Cloudflare Email Routing

We are very excited to announce Cloudflare Email Routing. Everyone should have multiple email addresses, for the online banking login to stay separate from mailing lists and spam, but it's been quite cumbersome for some to do. Cloudflare Email Routing helps create free email addresses for your domain, and redirect them all to the mailbox you already use - like Gmail or Outlook.

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Cloudflare TV: Tackling Email Spoofing and Phishing

Mitigate email spoofing and phishing risks, and improve email deliverability with Cloudflare’s new Email Security DNS Wizard. Protect users by creating DNS records that prevent others from sending malicious emails on behalf of your domain. Join us as we discuss how to leverage the latest Cloudflare DNS feature enhancement to protect your domains.

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Cloudflare TV: Introducing Cloudflare R2 Storage

Join the Cloudflare developer product team to discuss today's announcement: R2 Object Storage. The team will review how to join the early access program, and everything else you need to get started.

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Blog: Announcing Cloudflare R2 Storage: Rapid and Reliable Object Storage, minus the egress fees

Introducing Cloudflare’s S3-compatible Object Storage service, with zero egress bandwidth charges and automatic migration from S3-compatible services.

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Blog: A Better Internet with UN Global Compact

Every year during Birthday Week, we talk about what we mean by our mission to help build a better Internet. We release new protocols and products that help the global Internet community and give things like unmitigated DDoS Protection away for free. We also think about our role as an active participant in the global community of individuals, companies and governments that make the Internet what it is.

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Blog: Registrar for Everyone

We’re excited to announce that all customers now have the ability to register new domains.

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Cloudflare TV: Cloudflare Registrar for Everyone

Registrar for Everyone - new domain registrations, support for additional TLDs, and what's coming next for Registrar.

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Cloudflare TV: Dacheng Tao & Jonathon Dixon Fireside Chat

During this session, Jonathon Dixon (Head of Asia Pacific Sales of Cloudflare) will host our guest Dacheng Tao (SVP of JD.com) to discuss the evolution of JD Cloud and the techniques in the future.

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Press Release: Cloudflare Announces R2 Storage; Rapid and Reliable S3-Compatible Object Storage Designed for the Edge

Cloudflare announced Cloudflare R2 Storage, a better way for developers to store everything they need with automatic migration of data from S3-compatible services to make switching easy. Cloudflare R2 Storage, designed for the edge, will offer the ability to store large amounts of data, expanding what’s possible with Cloudflare while slashing the egress bandwidth fees associated with cloud provider storage to zero.

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Blog: Cloudflare for Offices

We are extending Cloudflare’s network directly into over 1,000 of the most populated office buildings.

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Blog: Dark Mode for the Cloudflare Dashboard

Dark mode is now available for the Cloudflare Dashboard in beta! From your user profile, you can configure the Cloudflare Dashboard in light mode, dark mode, or match it to your system settings.

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Press Release: Cloudflare Extends Zero Trust Security to Businesses’ Doorsteps

Cloudflare announced it will extend its network to iconic properties like Salesforce Tower in San Francisco, Willis Tower Chicago, John Hancock Tower in Boston, and 30 Hudson Yards, 4 Times Square & 520 Madison in New York, as well as the planned further expansion into thousands of other office buildings and multi-dwelling units globally.

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Cloudflare TV: A Better Internet with the UN Global Compact

Join Cloudflare's Policy Team as they discuss the UN Global Compact and the origins of corporate sustainability, as well as Cloudflare's first public sustainability report.

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Cloudflare TV: Pat Gelsinger & Matthew Prince Fireside Chat

In this Cloudflare TV segment, we will have a fireside chat between Matthew Prince (CEO & Co-Founder of Cloudflare) and Pat Gelsinger (CEO of Intel).

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Blog: Real-Time Communications at Scale

We’re making it easier to build and scale real-time communications applications around open technologies, starting with WebRTC Components.

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Blog: Announcing Cloudflare TV as a Service

Today we’re excited to announce that we're making the technology we used to build Cloudflare TV available to any other business that wants to run their own 24x7 streaming network.

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Blog: Stream Live: End-to-end Serverless Live Streaming You Can Now Go Live with Cloudflare Stream

You can now use Cloudflare to do serverless end-to-end live-streaming. Stream Live offers video ingestion, encoding, recording and a player in a single product.

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Cloudflare TV: Live streaming with Cloudflare Stream

Cloudflare Stream now supports end-to-end live streaming. Learn how you can use Stream to build live functionality into your apps

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Cloudflare TV: Real Time Communications Platform & CFTV as a Service

Join Jason, Fallon, Appoorva and Matt to learn how Cloudflare’s new Real Time Communication Platform will support the next generation of real-time audio and video applications — including Cloudflare TV 2.0!

You’ll also learn about the just-announced CFTV as a Service, which will enable other businesses to launch their own 24x7 TV channels powered by Cloudflare’s network.

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Cloudflare TV: Rob Chesnut & Joe Sullivan Fireside Chat

In this Cloudflare TV segment, we will have a fireside chat between Joe Sullivan (SVP, Chief Security Officer of Cloudflare) and Rob Chesnut (Former General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb Author of the Bestseller "Intentional Integrity: How Smart Companies Can Lead An Ethical Revolution).

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Blog: Announcing The Cloudflare Distributed Web Gateways Private Beta: Unlocking the Web3 Metaverse and Decentralized Finance for Everyone

Cloudflare announces the Private Beta of their Web3 gateways for Ethereum and IPFS. Unlocking the Metaverse, Web3, and Decentralized Finance for every developer.

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Blog: Get started Building Web3 Apps with Cloudflare

Learn how to build Web3 applications with Cloudflare’s new open-source template.

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Blog: How Cloudflare protects its IPFS nodes

The Cloudflare IPFS module protects users from threats like phishing and ransomware. Its code is available on github.com/cloudflare/go-ipfs.

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Blog: Web3 - A vision for a distributed and private Web

In this blog we start to explain Web3 in the context of the web's evolution, and how Cloudflare might help to support it.

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Cloudflare TV: Birthday Week 2021 Recap

Join Vivek Ganti (Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Cloudflare), Greg McKeon (Product Manager, Cloudflare), João Sousa Botto (Product Manager, Cloudflare) as they discuss all of the exciting announcements from this past week in honor of Cloudflare's 11th Birthday!

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Cloudflare TV: Get started building Web3 apps with Cloudflare

Learn about how to build on the distributed web with Web3 and Cloudflare. Kristian Freeman and Jon Kuperman from the Developer Advocacy team will walk through the new open-source Web3 application from Cloudflare, and how to get started deploying your own Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project to the Ethereum blockchain.

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Cloudflare TV: Julie Cordua & Joe Sullivan Fireside Chat

In this Cloudflare TV segment, we will have a fireside chat between Joe Sullivan (SVP, Chief Security Officer of Cloudflare) and Julie Cordua (CEO of Thorn).

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Cloudflare TV: The Future of Web3

Join Wesley Evans (Product Manager, Cloudflare), Nick Sullivan (Head of Research, Cloudflare) as they discuss the maturing Web3 market and the future of the distributed web with guests Dete Shirley (Chief Technology Officer, Dapper Labs) and Dietrich Ayala (IPFS Ecosystem Lead, Protocol Labs).

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Cloudflare TV: Web3 for Developers Roundtable

Kristian Freeman and Jon Kuperman from Cloudflare's Developer Advocacy Team, will be joined by Nader Dabit, Developer Relations Engineer at Edge & Node, and the author of The Complete Guide to Full Stack Ethereum Development, to chat about the exciting opportunities in the Web3 space for developers. Don't miss it!

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Cloudflare TV: What is Web3?

Tune in to this live discussion on Web3 in the context of the web's evolution, and how Cloudflare might help to support it. We provide a nuanced vision for Web3, a more decentralized and private web.

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Blog: Two Weeks Later: Finding and Eliminating Long Tail Latencies

A little over two weeks ago, we shared extensive benchmarking results of edge networks around the world, and made a commitment that we would improve in 10% of networks where we were not #1.

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History of Birthday Week

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Email Security
Registrar for Everyone
R2 Announced
Dark Mode
Cloudflare TV as a service


Cloudflare turns 10!
Cron Triggers
Durable Objects
Web Analytics
Cloudflare Radar
API Shield
Automatic Platform Optimizations


Browser Insights
Bot Defend Mode
Workers Sites


Bandwidth Alliance
QUIC support
Workers KV


Unmetered DDoS mitigation
Cloudflare Stream
Geo Key Manager


Rebranding effort and CloudFlare becomes Cloudflare, along with a new logo and website. Also introduced early access to managed dedicated SSL certificates, global load balancing and rate limiting.


Expansion to China and announcement of our partnership with Baidu to bring 17 new data centers online in mainland China.


Launch of Universal SSL for all Cloudflare customers ensuring that every website supported on our network is secure.


Cloudflare launches a free automatic IPv6 Gateway for all users to ease their transition to IPv6.


Cloudflare officially launched in 2010 at TechCrunch Disrupt with 1,000 websites subscribed during the initial beta.