Cloudflare and Privacy Act compliance

Cloudflare is a privacy-first company. As such, Australia’s Privacy Act and the 13 Australian Privacy Principles represent many steps we were already taking. We do not sell personal data we process, or use it for any purpose other than delivering our services. In addition, we let people access, correct, and delete their personal information, and give our customers control over the information passing through our network.

To learn more, explore our Privacy Act FAQ below, or check out Cloudflare’s overall privacy policy.

Frequently asked questions

Resources on the Privacy Act and APP


Cloudflare’s policies around data privacy and law enforcement requests

This paper outlines policies and procedures that guide how we manage customer and end-user data on our systems — and how we address government and other legal requests for data.

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Cloudflare sub-processors

Regularly updated descriptions and locations of Cloudflare's sub-processors

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How Cloudflare helps address data protection and locality obligations in Australia

Cloudflare maintains a broad set of legal and contractual protections that comply with the Australia’s Privacy Act and the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs).

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Cloudflare features that support data protection


Cloudflare’s network can encrypt data throughout its journey from origin servers to end-users, using the very latest protocols.

Privacy-first analytics

Cloudflare’s Web Analytics does not use any client-side state, such as cookies or localStorage, to collect usage metrics — and never ‘fingerprints’ individual users.

Data localization

In many regions — including Australia — Cloudflare lets organizations control which regional data centers their traffic is inspected in and where logs are sent.

Access management

Cloudflare Zero Trust lets organizations enforce country-specific access rules, block risky sites and content, and log access events for internal applications and data.


Cloudflare Logs gives granular insights into every HTTP request, helping you investigate potential breaches and other security incidents.


Cloudflare complies with many industry-standard security certifications, including several focusing on privacy and personal data protection.

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