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As US Xpress built and scaled its business it found tremendous success and a vast array of opportunities to capitalize on. However, this growth lead to an interesting challenge — a shortage of workers to fulfill many of the open opportunities on their teams.

US Xpress’s Challenge: Quickly Delivering Web to an Always-on-the-Move Workforce

US Xpress commissioned the Johnson Group; a marketing and advertising firm to help them bolster their brand in the market and help address their staffing challenges. “We spent some time examining the performance of critical pages on their site, and discovered that their job pages would take over a minute to load on mobile depending on the applicant’s network connection” explained Solomon Moskalenko, CTO at the Johnson Group. With 86% of their potential candidates on the move and accessing the hiring site from mobile, US Xpress needed to make improvements to the mobile experience on their site to attract and convert more candidates.

US Xpress’s Solution: Applications Served as-Fast-as Possible

The Johnson Group are big advocates of Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology and convert many of their clients’ web pages to an AMP supported format. This was the obvious first step to remediate US Xpress’s mobile challenges. Despite the speed improvements attained with AMP, bounce rates were still higher than they would have liked. "When Cloudflare announced their AMP Real URL product, we decided to implement it, hoping to address any URL attribution issues that we knew was an ongoing issue with AMP” added Moskalenko.

After deploying AMP Real URL, they experienced a 15.65% reduction in bounce rates across US Xpress’s AMP pages. Reducing bounce rates helps improve site engagement, and ultimately in conversions. US Xpress now hires more drivers while spending less money to meet their hiring goals. Projected savings from these improvements are expected to be over $1 million dollars annually.

US Xpress
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“AMP Real URL helped us lower bounce rates by 15.65%, and consequently increase our conversion rates.”

Solomon Moskalenko
CTO at the Johnson Group