Teal.net is an IT outsourcing company that hosts many websites, providing them with technical consulting and support services. Our customers websites range from personal blogs to small businesses to enterprises. We run hundreds of servers. We use Apache as a web server, and WordPress and Joomla as platforms. Some of our customers include Metallica.com, NotariesToYou.com, metclub.com and union-news.org

Business challenge

We spend a lot of time thinking about web performance. We want to ensure our customers’ websites load as quickly as possible for their visitors around the world. We are particularly focused on international performance and making sure the non-US traffic has a great web experience. Prior to CloudFlare, we relied on cloud-based hosting only for performance and security. We were looking for an additional service to speed up our sites and provide an added layer of security. That’s when we signed up for CloudFlare.

CloudFlare's impact

CloudFlare has made our websites load faster. Even with the large cluster of servers that we use, CloudFlare has made a considerable impact on our websites. On average, our websites load 45% faster. The biggest winners have been the international visitors — the increase in speed for them has been significant. On a security level, we feel better knowing CloudFlare is blocking potential threats before they ever get to our servers. I personally believe that CloudFlare is the best thing you can do for your website.

CloudFlare makes more than 2,000,000 web properties faster and safer. Join today!

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