Security and privacy have always been a high priority for reddit. As reddit’s popularity continues to grow, the huge influx in new users increases concerns about the security and privacy regarding the large amount of personal data flowing back and forth. reddit wanted to make sure that the site had strong security, as well as fast performance and availability for their growing user base. They decided they needed SSL encryption security for their site in addition to a content delivery network (CDN) with optimization technology.

reddit searched for an SSL solution to protect users against tracking and surveillance by private entities and governments. Jason Harvey, a Systems Administrator at reddit, explains that SSL “helps ensure that your communications with reddit, including your authentication credentials and cookies, will not be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks.”

reddit found setting up SSL through their former internet performance and security provider difficult and expensive,“We found it exceedingly difficult to get HTTPS through (our former provider) due to a combination of contract, price, and technical requirements,” added Jason. reddit found a better solution from CloudFlare.

CloudFlare's impact

According to Jason: “After many months of searching and evaluation, we opted to use CloudFlare as our CDN. They performed well in testing, supported SSL by default with no extra cost, and closely mirrored how we feel about our users' private data.”

Implementing CloudFlare was easy and quick: the SSL implementation was seamless and overnight millions of reddit users were under CloudFlare’s SSL protection. As Jason points out, “It's been a great relief to finally get this very fundamental piece of reddit security rolled out.”

CloudFlare helps millions of websites use SSL encryption everyday to secure connections and keep their customer’s data safe from monitoring and tampering. In the case of reddit using SSL, this means that, in the words of Jason, “anyone watching your connection (such as WiFi hotspot providers) will be unable to see the plain-text contents of what your browser is communicating with reddit.” Visitors of websites can feel secure with SSL protection when they see a lock icon in the browser bar and a website address that starts with HTTPS.

Furthermore, reddit was extremely pleased with CloudFlare’s performance and availability globally. Said Jason: “Cloudflare’s performance exceeded our expectations, and we were happy and surprised with their robust network speed”

Beyond the one-click easy SSL encryption to help protect their users, by running through CloudFlare’s globally distributed network, reddit has an additional host of features at their fingertips. CloudFlare has a suite of features for reddit to easily access—from front end optimization and caching, to DDoS protection, to a Web Application Firewall.

Moreover, CloudFlare’s superior enterprise level service with access to senior engineers and a dedicated account manager have made the transition to CloudFlare very simple and easy. Jason summarizes his experience with CloudFlare as a “productive and helpful business relationship.”

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