People's Choice Awards


The People’s Choice Awards is the only major awards program that gives fans, not industry critics, a voice in choosing the best of the best in the music, movie and TV industry. is where all the magic happens - fans and enthusiasts go here to cast their vote for their favorite celebrities. The results are then aired live on television during the annual People’s Choice Awards program on CBS.

Business challenge

Spark::red is an eCommerce hosting provider for Fortune 1000 companies, Internet Retailer Top 500 online retailers, and other large businesses all over the world. Besides the People’s Choice Awards, some of their customers include and Sur La Table.

People’s Choice Awards was Spark::red’s first client and has been with the hosting provider for more than five years. “With relatively steady traffic most of the year, experiences significant traffic spikes during their yearly show-voting period,” said Devon Hillard, Founding Partner of Spark::red. “The average website traffic during showtime often increases by 4-6x, with maximum traffic spikes up to 100x. Moreover, the amount of traffic to the site grows significantly year to year.”

With constant growth, and spikes in traffic distribution throughout the year, ensuring seamless web performance for is challenging. To address this challenge, Spark::red offered People’s Choice Awards its own scalability services as well as additional web performance optimization tools provided by CloudFlare.

Graph shows more than a 3x spike in traffic during the live, televised awards show on CBS

CloudFlare's impact

The addition of CloudFlare helped to ensure seamless web performance during the 2012 show-voting period. had 0 downtime and a 50 ms average app server response time.

“There was a significant performance improvement both capacity-wise and end user load time-wise,” said Devon. “CloudFlare provided another security layer, and allowed us to block malicious traffic in the cloud/CDN layer, freeing resources in our environment to handle legitimate traffic.”

Spark::Red found CloudFlare’s CDN, security system, and Front End Optimization (FEO) solutions incredibly affordable with a simple setup.

“We had to sign up,” said Devon. “CloudFlare allows us to ensure a high-level of web performance while keeping prices affordable for our clients.”

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