Enable a data-driven underwriting approach and help reduce cyber risk with Corvus and Cloudflare

Corvus Insurance is a leading provider of commercial insurance products built on advanced data science, with an AI-driven approach to empowering brokers and policyholders to better predict and prevent loss. With each Smart Commercial Insurance policy, Corvus supplies proprietary Dynamic Loss Prevention reports to inform policyholders of critical risk areas and provide actionable security recommendations. Founded in 2017, Corvus is comprised of a team of veteran entrepreneurs from the insurance and technology industries.

Partnership Overview

As a cyber insurance provider, Corvus understands the benefits of a sophisticated security posture and letting customers qualify for lower premium rates and enhanced coverage. Most attackers prefer to spend their time on vulnerable targets, commonly executing Denial of Service (DoS) attacks or infiltrating customer networks. Through this partnership with Cloudflare, our mutual customers have comprehensive protection against the most common and severe threat vectors.

Improved security posture

In light of the rising frequency and severity of attacks (ransomware, DDoS), cyber risk partnerships are a vital tool to mitigate common threat vectors.

Reduced premiums

Accessible cyber insurance and proper coverage benefits small and medium enterprises, improving overall reliability and generating discounted premiums for customers.

Mitigate industry threats

Enable a more data-driven and security-oriented approach to underwriting, enhancing coverage for customers.

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