Web 应用程序防火墙

Some organizations have particularly rigorous security and performance needs. If you’d like to explore our highest tier of service — which includes advanced features, additional customization, a dedicated support team, and more — sign up for a free trial of our Enterprise plan. The plan gives you access to:
Cloudflare 可为跨多个云环境托管的网站、应用程序和 API 的安全性提供单一控制源。
驱动我们全球 CDN、HTTP/2 和 Web 优化功能的 Anycast 网络也使用这个 Web 应用程序防火墙。
Cloudflare 绝不会向您收取带宽激增的费用。我们将根据您的计划收取固定费用,让您高枕无忧。

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Why large enterprises choose Cloudflare

Cloudflare secures and accelerates web applications, networks, and workforces for 29% of the Fortune 1000. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Industry leadership: Recognized by Forrester, IDC, and others as Leaders in DDoS mitigation, web application and API security, CDN, and more.
  • Future-proof architecture: A homogenous, composable global network that adapts easily to new products and protocols.
  • Privacy and compliance built in: Helping organizations comply with regional and industry-specific data locality regulations.

Terms of Enterprise Plan trial

Filling out this form does not guarantee access to the trial
Your request will be reviewed within 48 hours (often much faster) and you'll be provisioned access if approved
You must use your business email address and a real phone number
Trial access ends after 30 days, at which point it will fall back to our user- and log-limited Free Plan, but our sales team can grant an extension
Enterprise customer support and uptime SLAs are not provided during the trial, but our sales team can offer assistance

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