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Cloudflare introduces Workers Unbound, extending capacity limits with a compelling pricing model for customers.

Cloudflare Workers® Unbound offers a serverless platform for developers with unparalleled flexibility, performance, security, ease of use, and pricing. Cloudflare Workers Unbound allows developers to run complicated computing workloads across the Cloudflare network and pay only for what they use.

The benefits of Workers Unbound include:

  • Limitless: Unlocked CPU limits where customers only pay for what they use
  • No Cold Starts: Support for 0 nanosecond cold starts - making Workers Unbound predictably fast
  • Fast Globally: Workers runs on Cloudflare's network across 200 cities and 100+ countries
  • Robust Debugging Tools: New tools to simplify debugging and diagnosing problems

For more information, visit the Cloudflare Workers homepage.