Publish AMP content, retain URL attribution

AMP was built to improve the speed and performance of mobile content, allowing users to quickly access web content in Google’s mobile search results. Cloudflare Ampersand enables browsers to natively display the canonical URL for publishers' AMP content in the browser, with no additional coding required.

Benefits of Ampersand

Faster mobile experiences

AMP content will load faster on mobile devices. Pages are optimized to support asynchronous loading of scripts with faster render times.

Improve mobile SEO

Google’s focus on mobile web performance has given rise to a mobile first index to determine a page’s SEO ranking. AMP pages receive higher prioritization in mobile search results.

Retain original URLs

Ampersand allows AMP content to retain your original URLs when displayed in Google’s mobile search results.

"AMP has played a prominent role in extending our brand to new mobile consumers. Cloudflare's support for AMP has significantly simplified the effort involved to retain AMP content attribution with native URLs."
Sumantro Das
Director, Product Innovations & Growth Brands

How Ampersand Works

Ampersand leverages signed HTTP exchanges to authenticate publishers’ content when served from Google’s AMP cache. When a supported browser is detected, Ampersand will create a signed exchange for content that is requested from your domain. When using a supported Chrome browser, the page is validated using the signed exchange and is displayed on the user’s device with the publisher’s original URL.