Privacy & data protection

Helping to build a more private Internet

Cloudflare builds privacy and data protection into everything we do. Explore our privacy policies, discover our privacy-focused products, and learn how we support regulatory requirements like the GDPR.

GDPR compliance

Cloudflare’s policies around personal information align strongly with the GDPR’s requirements. Learn how we work with European organizations to protect their users’ data.

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HIPAA compliance

Leading healthcare organizations use Cloudflare to protect user and patient data. Learn how our services aligns to HIPAA compliance needs.

Privacy policy

Cloudflare keeps your personal information personal and private, and is transparent about how we collect and use data. Explore our policies in detail.

Privacy and data protection resources:


Cloudflare’s policies around data privacy and law enforcement requests

This paper outlines policies and procedures that guide how we manage customer and end-user data on our systems — and how we address government and other legal requests for data.

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How Cloudflare Helps Address Data Locality and Privacy Obligations in Europe.

Learn about Cloudflare’s privacy commitments, our long history of working with European companies, and how our services help organizations meet their data protection needs.

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How the Cloudflare network maintains data privacy

This paper breaks down how Cloudflare uses security measures to protect data privacy as data crosses our network.

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