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Secure your remote workforce

Cloudflare Zero Trust provides security without slowdown

Your workforce has expanded to include remote employees, contractors, and vendors. All require secure access to internal applications and tools — no matter where in the world they’re working from.

Cloudflare Zero Trust enables seamless, identity- and context- based application access and software-defined security, allowing you to secure your remote teams, devices, and data without sacrificing performance or user experience.

What's slowing down your workforce?

Legacy security tools don’t scale

The larger and more distributed your workforce becomes, the harder it is to secure remote users, devices, and data. Legacy security tools, like hardware firewalls and VPNs, are not built to handle hybrid infrastructure, remote teams, or a constantly-evolving threat landscape.

VPNs impact performance

By design, VPNs trombone all traffic to and from central on-premise appliances. Even when everything runs smoothly, global teams still experience latency when accessing internal tools and data — not only affecting productivity, but user experience as well.

Users are vulnerable to security threats

Remote employees use a wide range of devices — from work-issued computers to personal phones and tablets — to access company resources. Without proactive threat protection in place, IT departments lack the visibility and ability to safeguard these employee devices from cyberattacks.

Expand your security perimeter to fit your workforce

Hardware limitations shouldn’t dictate the strength of your security posture. As your remote workforce expands beyond on-premise offices and devices, you need security tools that can scale alongside it.

Swap slow VPNs for a global edge network

Modern enterprises require solutions capable of securing user access to on-premise, cloud-based, and SaaS applications from any location. Eliminate the headache of maintaining slow, outdated VPN infrastructure by authenticating and securing employee tools using a global edge network — accessible from wherever your users are located.

Protect all applications with Zero Trust access policies

The Zero Trust model requires user identity and multiple contextual factors to authorize access, making it difficult for attackers to impersonate employees and gain access to internal resources.

Demo: Secure remote workforces with Cloudflare Zero Trust

In this four minute demo, see how easy it is for administrators to securely connect remote workers to applications with Zero Trust rules for application access and Internet browsing. You'll see the administrator experience of policy administration, and what end users experience when connecting through Cloudflare.

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How Cloudflare secures remote teams
Backed by a global network that spans 285 cities worldwide, Cloudflare's Zero Trust platform helps safeguard remote teams, devices, and corporate applications without degrading performance or introducing complex management systems.

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Cloudflare Access places our global edge network in front of your internal applications, eliminating the latency issues remote users often experience with VPN clients. With Zero Trust access controls, every request to your applications is evaluated for user identity and device context before it is authorized.

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Cloudflare Gateway secures every connection from every user device, no matter where in the world they’re located. Our powerful policy engine allows you to inspect, secure, and log traffic from corporate devices without suffering performance degradation.

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Solution Brief: Securing hybrid work

Learn how Cloudflare reduces risk and increases visibility for all users, both on- and off-network. Whether your organization is a mature enterprise or a digital native, explore key use cases and a roadmap to modernize security.

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7 Ways to Work From Anywhere

As your business decides where employees will work in the future, your security controls must meet them where they are. This ebook shares 7 best practices that effective organizations can use to protect their global workforce without sacrificing productivity.

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