Cloudflare One Week 2022

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CFTV: Welcome to Cloudflare One Week!

Monday, June 20th 7:30AM PT

Join Kenny Johnson in kicking off Cloudflare One week!

Cloudflare One vs Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange: who is most feature complete? It’s not who you might expect

How does Cloudflare One compare to Zscaler's Trust Exchange. Read on to find out.

How Cloudflare Security does Zero Trust

How Cloudflare’s security team implemented Zero Trust controls.

Kubectl with Cloudflare Zero Trust

Using Cloudflare Zero Trust with Kubernetes to enable kubectl without SOCKS proxies.

Decommissioning your VDI

This blog offers Cloudflare’s perspective on how remote browser isolation can help organizations offload internal web application use cases currently secured by virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).

HTTP/3 inspection on Cloudflare Gateway

Today we’re excited to announce the ability for administrators to apply Zero Trust inspection policies to HTTP/3 traffic.

Connect to private network services with Browser Isolation

Browser Isolation with private network connectivity enables your users to securely access private web services without installing any software or agents on an endpoint device or absorbing the management and cost overhead of serving virtual desktops.

Announcing Gateway + CASB

Find and fix shadow IT with Cloudflare’s Secure Web Gateway and API-driven Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB).

Using Cloudflare Tunnel and Access with Postgres

How the Database team uses Cloudflare Tunnels internally to improve security and usability of adhoc DB queries.

Cloudflare integrates with Microsoft Intune to give CISOs secure control across devices, applications, and corporate networks

Cloudflare integrates with Microsoft Intune and combines the power of Cloudflare’s expansive network and Zero Trust suite with Endpoint Manager.

Cloudflare Gateway dedicated egress and egress policies

Cloudflare Gateway customers can now utilize dedicated egress IPs and soon will be able to control how these IPs are applied via egress policies.

MPLS to Zero Trust in 30 days

"My home network is faster than my corporate network" is a common complaint of the employees returning to work. Legacy MPLS based networks were not built to support the shift in the applications. In this blog, find out how you can move from MPLS to Zero Trust in 30 days!

Announcing the Cloudflare One Partner Program

Announcing the Cloudflare One Partner Program, a program built around our Zero Trust, Network as a Service and Cloud Email Security offerings. The program helps channel partners deliver on the promise of Zero Trust while monetizing this important architecture in tangible ways.

Press Release: Cloudflare Equips Partners to Deliver Complete Zero Trust Solution with Cloudflare One Partner Program

The Cloudflare One Partner Program presents a new way for the channel to integrate and extend Cloudflare One, the only cloud-native solution with global network scale, now with direct paths for partners from full enablement to robust incentives.

How to augment or replace your VPN with Cloudflare

Offloading key applications from your traditional VPN to a cloud-native ZTNA service like Cloudflare Access is a great place to start with Zero Trust

Verify Apple devices with no installed software

Security teams that rely on Cloudflare Access can verify a user’s Apple device before they access a sensitive application — no additional software required.

Introducing Private Network Discovery

Rest easy knowing exactly who and what is being accessed within your private network. Introducing Private Network Discovery.

Cloudflare recognized by Microsoft as a Security Software Innovator

Cloudflare recently won the Security Software Innovator award in recognition of our transformative technology in collaboration with Microsoft that makes work easier for our mutual customers.

Press Release: Microsoft Names Cloudflare the Winner of its Security Software Innovator Of The Year Award

Cloudflare announces it has won the Security Software Innovator award in the Microsoft Security Excellence Awards ceremony.

Infinitely extensible Access policies

Starting today, we’re excited that Access policies can consider anything before allowing a user access to an application. And by anything, we really do mean absolutely anything.

How Cloudflare One solves your observability problems

Today, Cloudflare is excited to announce that we are working on Cloudflare One Visibility, a Zero Trust dashboard that will give customers complete visibility into the journey that users and devices take on a customer’s enterprise network across on-ramps, filters (aka access control tools), and endpoints.

Next generation intrusion detection: an update on Cloudflare’s IDS capabilities

Cloudflare’s IDS capabilities operate across all of your network traffic - any IP port or protocol — whether it flows to your IPs that we advertise on your behalf, IPs we lease to you, or soon, traffic within your private network.

Introducing Cloudforce One: our new threat operations and research team

Meet our new threat operations and research team: Cloudforce One. While this team will publish research, that’s not its reason for being. Its primary objective: track and disrupt threat actors.

100% year over year customer growth

Continued innovation in our Zero Trust platform to secure a company’s applications, devices, and networks

Introducing browser isolation for email links to stop modern phishing threats

As part of our exciting journey to integrate Area 1 into our broader Zero Trust suite, Cloudflare Gateway customers can soon enable Remote Browser Isolation for email links. With Email Link Isolation, gain an unmatched level of protection from sophisticated multi-channel email-based attacks.

How to replace your email gateway with Cloudflare Area 1

Traditional SEG architectures were built for the email environments of yesteryear. Learn how to seamlessly transition to cloud-native, preemptive email security.

Area 1 threat indicators now available in Cloudflare Zero Trust

Area 1’s massive datasets of phishing campaign TTPs, seed infrastructure and threat models are now combined with Cloudflare’s extensive network and global insight into the origins of DNS, email or web traffic.

Launching In-Line Data Loss Prevention

In-line Data Loss Prevention is launching in the Cloudflare platform. Customers will be able to scan traffic to identify and protect sensitive data.

Bring your own license and threat feeds to use with Cloudflare One

Today, we are announcing new integrations that enable our customers to integrate third-party threat intel data with the rich threat intelligence from Cloudflare One products — all within the Cloudflare dashboard. We are releasing this feature in partnership with Mandiant, Recorded Future, and VirusTotal, and will be adding new partners in the coming months.

Foundational concepts: Zero Trust, SASE and SSE

Understand the Zero Trust, SASE and SSE capabilities included in the Cloudflare One platform.