Cloudflare's Rocketship Growth: 100 Million Daily Active Users, 50 Billion Monthly Page Views, Nine New Global Data Centers

Cloudflare Launches One-Click Simple SPDY Support to Make Customers' Sites Even Speedier

San Francisco, CA, June 15, 2012

Cloudflare, the web performance and security company, set records this month hitting more than 100 million daily active users and more than 50 billion monthly page views. To celebrate, Cloudflare announced the availability of the SPDY protocol across its network, allowing Cloudflare’s customers to be even speedier with a single click, as well as a significant expansion of the company’s global infrastructure.

“Cloudflare’s mission is to build a better Internet,” explained Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “Continuing to invest in modern web protocols like SPDY and adding additional data centers to ensure the fastest performance, further our mission of making the web faster, safer and better for the hundreds of millions of web surfers who pass through our network.”

Cloudflare today confirmed plans to build nine more data centers in new locations in North America, Asia, Australia and Europe, adding to its existing 14 global facilities. In addition to powerful network growth, Cloudflare continues to innovate to benefit its hundreds of thousands of website customers:

  • New features such as Mirage, Polish, PageRules, I’m Under Attack Mode, and others have all been created by the Cloudflare team within the last year to help every customer run a faster, safer website.
  • With its IPv4/IPv6 Gateway, Cloudflare became the leading provider of IPv6 enabled websites—enabling more than 100,000 sites to join the modern web with IPv6 compatibility.
  • Since launching the Cloudflare Certified Hosting Provider Program in August 2011, more than 1,000 hosting providers have joined, including some of the world’s largest hosting providers like Dreamhost, Media Temple, Rackspace and Hostgator.
  • Last week, Cloudflare announced the availability of Cloudflare Business and Cloudflare Enterprise. Already used by organizations ranging from major ecommerce vendors to Fortune 500 companies to national governments, these new tiers of service add additional performance and security features designed for the web’s top sites.
  • Cloudflare adds more than 1,500 customers per day, or more than the entire traditional CDN market every week.
  • Traffic and page view growth continue to grow at more than 20 percent month over month.

SPDY is the Google-developed protocol to allow sites to provide an even faster experience to their visitors. While adoption of the protocol to date has been slow, Cloudflare’s one-click simple solution makes it easier than ever to bring the faster web protocol previously reserved only for the Internet giants to any website online.

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