Cloudflare Launches Certified Hosting Provider Program at HostingCon 2011

Over 100 hosting providers already partnered with Cloudflare to offer their customers faster, safer websites

San Diego, CA, August 8, 2011, HostingCon

Cloudflare, the web performance and security company, launched their Certified Hosting Provider Program today at the 2011 HostingCon Conference. The program helps hosting providers save money while offering faster and safer service to their clients.

“The demand for this has been incredible from hosting providers and their customers,” said Matthew Prince, CEO and co-founder of Cloudflare. “During the limited pilot of the program, we enrolled more than 100 hosting providers. We’re now rolling the Cloudflare Certified Hosting Provider Program out to all hosting providers.”

Cloudflare Certified Hosting Partners get reduced server load, bandwidth savings, a next-generation web performance service to offer their customers, a suite of web security services to protect their hosted sites and robust denial of service (DDoS) attack protection. Integrating with Cloudflare is easy and there is no cost to becoming a Cloudflare Certified Hosting Provider.

“We partnered with Cloudflare because they have a simple and free solution to help to protect and accelerate any website online,” said Matt Jones, Product Manager for Media Temple.

“This is a game changer that brings CDN services to our customers through the click of a button. Faster site loads, a geographically diverse CDN, added security and simplicity. What’s not to like?” said Bryan Muthig, Chief Executive Officer for A2 Hosting.

“Since signing up for Cloudflare, we’ve seen an increase in our sales,” said Ryan Morris, Marketing Director for CoolHandle.

“It has been a great experience to partner with Cloudflare. By integrating Cloudflare with our hosting services, customers have improved their website security, decreased their bandwidth consumption and provided their visitors with a better performance. Our clients love Cloudflare, and so do we,” said Teotonio Ricardo, Chief Marketing Officer for WebTuga Hosting.

“Cloudflare is a win-win product. It not only provides an extra layer of website security protection and reduces server load, but it informs people who are spreading viruses around,” said Dave Collins, Chief Technology Officer for

Web hosting companies around the world are now eligible to sign up for Cloudflare’s Certified Hosting Partner Program by visiting

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