Content Delivery Network (CDN) for Rackspace Hosted Websites

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Cloudflare works with your existing Rackspace hosting environment to bring improved speeds and performance to your website via its next-generation CDN. Cloudflare operates out of 200 data centers around the world. Our CDN automatically caches your static files at our edge, so these files are stored closer to your visitors while delivering dynamic content directly from your web server; Cloudflare then routes your visitors to the nearest data center. The result is that your Rackspace website, on average, loads nearly twice as fast for visitors, sees 65% fewer requests, and saves 60% of bandwidth. Contact us to learn more about how Cloudflare can optimize the performance of your Rackspace hosted website.

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More reasons to integrate Cloudflare with Rackspace

By leveraging Cloudflare’s vast network, our advanced DDoS protection detects and mitigates both network (OSI layers 3, 4) and application (layer 7) DDoS attacks, with zero downtime to your website.

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Cloudflare’s WAF is built to protect your Rackspace hosted website from malicious attack, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and comment spam. Learn how to customize the WAF and extend your protection further.

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Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network (CDN) provides:

  • 2x page loading speeds
  • 65% fewer requests
  • 60% average bandwidth savings
  • Analytics to view bandwidth saved and performance optimizations at-a-glance
I believe Cloudflare is the best thing to happen to the web in recent memory.
Director of Technology at Luxury Link


Does Cloudflare charge for global CDN bandwidth usage?

No. Cloudflare will never bill you for bandwidth usage. We believe if your site suddenly gets popular or suffers an attack, you shouldn't have to dread your bandwidth bill.

Does Cloudflare’s CDN protect against my web server going down?

Yes. If your web server ever goes down, Cloudflare will serve your visitors a limited copy of your cached website. Cloudflare builds the Always Online™ version of your website, so your most popular pages are represented.

What types of content is cached on Cloudflare’s CDN?

Cloudflare’s CDN caches static content, including JavaScript, CSS, and images; dynamic content is served directly from your web server.

How long does it take to enable Cloudflare’s CDN?

Yes. Cloudflare is compatible with Rackspace Cloud Hosting, Managed Hosting and Hybrid Hosting. Regardless of your Rackspace hosting plan, Cloudflare can make it faster and more secure.

Does Cloudflare provide mobile-specific performance improvements?

Yes. Cloudflare provides a one-click optimization called Mirage™, which improves your website’s image loading speed depending on the user’s device type and network speed. Devices that have smaller screens receive resized, smaller images to fit the display and slower connections receive lower resolution images. This speeds up the time it takes for a page to render, resulting in faster user interaction with your website and fewer drop-offs.

How long does it take to enable Cloudflare’s CDN?

Cloudflare’s global CDN can be enabled in 5 minutes or less.

Is Cloudflare SSL and IPv6 compatible?

Yes. Our free IPv6-to-IPv4 gateway will make you available on the modern Internet without you having to change a line of code. Additionally, you do not need to install anything on your Rackspace server to enable SSL; it’s provisioned automatically through Cloudflare’s network and included for free in all Free/Pro/Business/Enterprise plans.