¿VPN bajo presión? Cloudflare puede ayudarte.

Las aplicaciones detrás del firewall, como Confluence, Jira y SAP, son fundamentales para el trabajo de tus equipos internos.

Cloudflare Access, parte de Cloudflare para Equipos, ayuda a que tu equipo esté conectado con las aplicaciones corporativas desde cualquier lugar o dispositivo - sin una VPN.

Desde ahora hasta el 1 de septiembre, Cloudflare ofrece acceso gratuito.

Los expertos técnicos te ayudarán a configurarlo.

Completa el formulario a la derecha y nos pondremos en contacto para responder cualquier pregunta y programar una sesión de incorporación.

image cloudflare for teams access

VPN-less security for internal apps.

Cloudflare Access makes remote application access safe and seamless.

With Access, you can:

  • Securely expose internal tools for your employees to consume over the Internet
  • Evaluate every request to those tools for identity
  • Make logging into internally-hosted apps feel like SaaS applications

No cost

Cloudflare is offering Cloudflare Access seats at no cost through September 1.

No commitment

Use your Access seats free through September 1. No commitment to use it after is required.

Expert onboarding

Technical experts are available to help you get applications onboarded. Fill out the form to request a session.

* To take advantage of this promotion, you must submit a request form and follow the instructions to activate free versions of Cloudflare Access or Cloudflare Gateway before September 1. Once you add Gateway or Access to your Cloudflare contract, the seats would be made available to you free of charge until September 1, 2020. Customers who do not wish to use Access or Gateway after 9/1/2020 will be able to offboard without restriction. Enterprise logging and Access for mTLS are not included in this promotion. Cloudflare reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time.