Cloudflare and Backblaze partner to reduce data transfer fees

Backblaze has been the trusted cloud storage provider for over 10 years with customers in over 150 countries worldwide. They currently store over 600 petabytes of data in their proven, scalable, high-density storage architecture. As a highly open company, Backblaze publishes detailed information on their Storage Pod hardware and their Backblaze Vault architecture, as well as their quarterly “Drive Stats” reports based on the reliability of the hard drives they use.

The Bandwidth Alliance allows customers to transition to the cloud to build and deploy exciting applications for their users. Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage delivers proven, amazing cost-effective cloud storage with no hidden fees or strings attached. Often referred to as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or object storage, B2 Cloud Storage enables developers, IT people, and others to easily store mass volumes of data in the cloud.


Backblaze is all about simplicity of storage and driving the usage of cloud storage at scale. Backblaze and, another Bandwidth Alliance member, also have zero egress fees between their networks, allowing customers to use Backblaze storage, packet compute and Cloudflare’s global performance and security network.

Bandwidth Alliance Pricing

Backblaze will offer free data transfer to all shared customers.

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Introducing the Bandwidth Alliance

Learn how Cloudflare and Backblaze partnered to reduce egress fees in this Bandwidth Alliance announcement blog post.

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Backblaze and Cloudflare Partner to Provide Free Data Transfer

Learn why Backblaze decided to join the Bandwidth Alliance and provide free data transfer to joint customers.

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