Request To Join The Durable Objects Limited Beta Program

We’re expanding what you can build with Workers to include use cases requiring synchronization across multiple Workers and storage use-cases that cannot be solved with Workers KV.

Durable Objects provide:

  • Strongly Consistent Storage: Durable Objects provide access to a strongly consistent key-value storage API.

  • Synchronized Access: Every Worker request for a specific Durable Object is routed to the same instance, allowing for coordination across many Workers.

  • Scalability: A single Durable Object has nearly zero overhead. Applications can spread data access across many Durable Objects at once and let the Workers platform handle scaling - without worrying about partitioning data or picking instance sizes.

  • Intelligent Distribution: Data is stored in the Cloudflare point-of-presence closest to where it is accessed by the end-user.

  • Familiarity: Durable Objects are defined by Javascript classes, just like objects in an object-oriented programming model.

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