Cloudflare R2

Global object storage with zero egress fees

Powered by our programmable global network, R2 enables you to create flexible, multicloud architectures with S3-compatible object storage.

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S3-compatible object storage

Our S3-compatible API gives you added flexibility — allowing you to access a wide range of S3 tools, libraries, and extensions.

No egress charges

Our affordable, consistent pricing helps free up resources across your organization — and you never have to pay egress fees for data accessed from R2.

Easy migration from existing providers

Our automated migration service helps migrate your objects all at once or over time — whatever aligns with your current needs.


Avoid vendor lock-in with our global object storage

Cloudflare R2 allows you to store large amounts of unstructured data — without the costly egress fees or vendor lock-in associated with other cloud storage providers.

R2 natively integrates with Cloudflare Workers, so you can easily perform authentication, route requests, and deploy edge functions across our network of 320+ data centers.

Reduce cloud spend and avoid hidden costs

What our customers are saying

“After investigating a wide range of alternatives, we went with Cloudflare’s R2 storage — and as a result are thrilled that our engine distribution costs have decreased by 98%, while delivering top-notch performance.”


Top R2 use cases

R2 helps you create portable multicloud architectures, effortlessly move data between cloud providers, and optimize content storage and delivery.

Migrate data from S3 and Google Cloud Storage (GCS)

Move your data (including training data for AI models) to R2 and take advantage of our zero egress fee policy — whether you are permanently migrating your data or not.

Optimize dynamic content storage and delivery

With our Cache API and Workers, you can significantly extend cache lifetimes for large files and provide low-latency access to assets.

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Configure object lifecycles

Quickly and easily define rules that govern your object lifecycle stages and actions — helping automate data management, lower storage costs, enforce compliance, and streamline your workflows.

Trusted by millions of Internet properties

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R2 Pricing

R2 charges based on the total volume of data stored and two classes of operations on that data. You pay zero egress fees.

Forever Free

Monthly Rates


10 GB / month

$0.015 / GB storage

Class A operations: mutate state

1,000,000 / month

$4.50 / million

Class B operations: read existing state

10,000,000 / month

$0.36 / million

See how much you can save with R2