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CTOs are masters of contradictory disciplines, balancing vision and creative flexibility with the need to build an efficient, highly scalable team.

Their challenges include a tough hiring market for developers, increasing complexity in technology environments, and mounting unknowns about AI. We curated these resources, perspectives, and solutions to help address those challenges.

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Connectivity cloud

Cloudflare is your platform for fast, secure development

Cloudflare connectivity cloud

Our connectivity cloud makes it easier to build secure, globally scalable applications with the team you have

Our connectivity cloud brings together the tools and infrastructure needed to build highly scalable applications, streamline time-consuming development tasks, and safely implement innovative technologies like AI.

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Cloudflare connectivity cloud
Cloudflare customer benefits

Improve customer retention due to app performance by up to 49% *


Save on infrastructure costs by an average of 32% *


Reduce the number of unprotected API endpoints by an average of 57% *

*Source: TechValidate

Discover the connectivity cloud

Regain control while connecting and protecting your people, apps and data everywhere.

Global leaders, including 30% of the Fortune 1000, rely on Cloudflare