Announcing Pub/Sub: MQTT-based Messaging for IoT and Beyond

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Cloudflare Pub/Sub is a globally distributed message bus, ideal for lightweight "publish-subscribe" messaging use-cases. It is built on the industry-standard MQTT protocol, supported by tens of millions of devices today, with a rich ecosystem of existing client libraries.
Pub/Sub enables developers to create secure messaging brokers on-the-fly, handle messages for tens of thousands of devices per virtual broker, write logic using Cloudflare Workers to route, inspect and publish messages as they’re published, and reliably communicate to devices using Cloudflare’s global edge network.
To start using Pub/Sub, request access to the private beta in the form provided. We’re looking for customers who want to build new applications using Pub/Sub and Workers, or migrate existing MQTT-based applications over to Cloudflare. We’ll be reviewing submissions and enabling access for developers within the next month. In the meantime, visit the Pub/Sub documentation or join the Cloudflare Developer Discord.

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