Cloudflare Self-Serve Partner Program

Cloudflare Partners play a vital role in our mission to help build a better Internet.

The Self Serve Partner program allows SMB agencies & hosting partners to create accounts for all their customers under one dashboard, consolidating billing, as well as providing discounted plans to our valued partners.

What are the benefits of the Self-Serve Partner Program?


Create accounts for each of your customers to provide discrete access controls.


Partner-managed billing allows all of your acocunts to flow up to a single billing profile.


Unlike our Enterprise program, our Self-Serve path requires no upfront commitments and includes volume discounts on all customer spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What products receive the partner discount?
All products with the exception of Cloudflare Registrar.

Q: Where can I find my API Key?
The Global API key is the one that is given Tenant permissions for the program. It can be found via the dashboard -

Q: Can customers see the parnter discount?
The discount is only seen in the invoice to the parnter. Its not visible at checkout or in the dashboard.

Q: Does the discount only apply to child accounts under the parent account?
The parent and child accounts will be elible for the partner discount.

Q: Will we need to migrate current domains to the new accounts to recieve the program benefits?
Yes, it is recommended to re-create the zone under the new tenant and disable the old domain. More detail is available here:

Q: To confirm, with the Tenant API parent account, you can drill down into accessing everything about the child account?
Yes, Tenant API provides explicit super-admin access to all accounts.

Q: Where can I see the invoices?
Invoices are visible in the parent user's billing profile. hild Accounts will always see "Managed by Partner" in their billing profile.

Q. Can I make the customer super admin or is always the Tenant Super Admin?
The tenant admin will always be superadmin today.

Q: As a beta, could this go away?
The final offering and details of this program are subject to change as this program develops through its beta. However, Cloudflare has grown this project team with active benchmarking throughout the beta with a strong commitment to our partners.

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