CIO Week 2023

Learn how Cloudflare helps CIOs navigate their high-stakes, strategic digital transformation initiatives.

Cloudflare TV

Cloudflare TV- Welcome to CIO Week

Monday, 1/9 8:30 AM PT

Corey Mahan & James Chang

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Cloudflare TV- How Cloudflare is Faster than Zscaler

Monday, 1/9 11:00 AM PT

David Tuber, Ameet Naik

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Cloudflare TV- Digital Experience Monitoring

Monday, 1/9 12:00 PM PT

Abe Carryl, Kyle Krum, & Michael Keane

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Cloudflare TV- WARP to WARP: connect to any other device

Monday, 1/9 1:30 PM PT

Abe Carryl, Michael Keane & Kenny Johnson

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Cloudflare TV- Fireside Chat with Juan Rodriguez Estevez

Tuesday, 1/10 8:00 AM PT

Corey Mahan & Juan Rodriguez Estevez

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Cloudflare TV- Why CIO’s choose Cloudflare One over the competition

Tuesday, 1/10 11:00 AM PT

Sam Rhea, James Chang, Michael Keane, Corey Mahan & Ben Munroe

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Cloudflare TV- Single-vendor SASE with Magic WAN Connector

Tuesday, 1/10 12:30 PM PT

Annika Garbers, Abe Carryl, & Ameet Naik

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Cloudflare TV- Try any Cloudflare One product right now

Tuesday, 1/10 1:00 PM PT

Angie Kim & Nick Simmons

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Cloudflare TV- Email Security with Area 1, Browser Isolation and DLP

Wednesday, 1/11 11:30 AM PT

João Sousa Botto, Tim Obezuk, Ayush Kumar & Noelle Gotthardt

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Cloudflare TV- DLP + CASB to protect data at-rest

Wednesday, 1/11 1:30 PM PT

Noelle Gotthardt, Tarika Srinivasan, Lorraine Bellon, & Alex Dunbrack

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Cloudflare TV- Access, Browser Isolation and DLP to protect self-hosted apps

Wednesday, 1/11 2:30 PM PT

Tim Obezuk, Kenny Johnson, Michael Keane, James Chang, Noelle Gotthardt

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Cloudflare TV- Zone Versioning GA

Thursday, 1/12 9:00 AM PT

Dan Gould & Sachin Fernandes

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Cloudflare TV- Microsoft + Cloudflare partner integrations

Thursday, 1/12 10:00 AM PT

Kenny Johnson, Michael Keane, Abhi Das, Mythili Prabhu

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Cloudflare TV- CASB integrations for Box, Salesforce, & OneDrive

Thursday, 1/12 11:30 AM PT

Alex Dunbrack & Tarika Srinivasan

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Cloudflare TV- API-Based email scanning

Thursday, 1/12 3:00 PM PT

Ayush Kumar & Shalabh Mohan

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Cloudflare TV- Gateway DNS-only Manage Service Provider

Friday, 12/16 8:30 AM PT

Ankur Aggarwal, Dan Hollinger, & Teddy Solano

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Cloudflare TV- Privately connect from Cloudflare to other clouds

Friday, 12/16 10:30 AM PT

David Tuber & Ameet Naik

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Cloudflare TV- MWAN + Reverse-Proxy (L7 core) supports private origin IP

Friday, 12/16 1:30 PM PT

Annika Garbers & Cat Allen

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Cloudflare TV- Cloudflare One in China - CMI and China Express updates

Friday, 12/16 2:00 PM PT

Dafu Wang & Ameet Naik

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