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Full DNS vs CNAME setup

When setting up Cloudflare, you have two options on how to add your customers’ domains.

Full DNS setup

Full DNS setup requires an update of the existing DNS provider to Cloudflare's DNS, where Cloudflare becomes your authoritative DNS. This means you will need to update your nameservers to the nameservers provided by Cloudflare once the domain is added to Cloudflare.

Full DNS setup is currently available through these methods >

Partial (CNAME) setup

A CNAME setup doesn't need any change of your DNS provider. It simply requires pointing any subdomain to Cloudflare by means of a CNAME record. In order to add to Cloudflare:

Read more about Partial (CNAME) setup >

If your current DNS setup looks like this: → A Record to IP address


Then, the new DNS setup with Cloudflare will require the following update to the DNS record: CNAME

If your initial record was an A record, then add the following A record: → A Record to IP address

If your initial record was a CNAME record, then add the following CNAME record: CNAME

Partial (CNAME) setup is available via these integrations:

Plugins and API

For the following control panels and billing system, we have built ready-to-use plugins, which require simple installation, after which your customers will be able to add domains to Cloudflare. Please note, there is currently no way of adding domains manually through the Partner Portal.

Plugin installation guides:

Partner access vs standard direct access

  • Partners have their own Partner Portal to review partner documentation and analytics.
  • Partners can chose between CNAME and full DNS integration options for all customers including customers on the Free plan. For users who sign up directly to Cloudflare, they only have full DNS option, CNAME is available for Business and Enterprise plans.
  • If your customers’ domains were added directly to Cloudflare, they cannot benefit from partner features (e.g. CNAME, Railgun) as their domain is not associated with your partner account. If you wish to transfer a domain to your partner account, please delete the domain and re add through your partner integration.
  • Partners are able to offer Railgun for free or bundle it with their existing services Otherwise this is only available as part of the Business plan and higher.

Partner access vs standard direct access

Partners receive prioritized technical support, so please send detailed description of your issue accompanied by screenshots, error messages, log files to

Our dedicated Partner Knowledge Base contains multiple articles that answer questions about the most common use cases.