CloudFlare partner programs

As a hosting provider, registrar or web development agency, you are eligible to be a CloudFlare Optimized or CloudFlare Certified Partner. As a Certified Partner, there are many benefits to your business as well as to your customers.

Benefits of the partner program

Websites are:

  • Twice as fast, on a global CDN
  • Secured against threats
  • Protected from DDoS
  • Always Online™, even during network outages and maintenance

Hosting providers get:

  • Reduced server load
  • Bandwidth savings
  • IPv4/v6 gateway: host on one and still get traffic from the other
  • Easy integration into your control panel

Integrating with CloudFlare

CloudFlare can be integrated into any control panel. We have integrations for cPanel, WHMCS, Odin Plesk Panel 12, 11.x or 10.4.4, Odin Plesk Automation, Interworx, ISPSystems, and Odin Automation, which means that if you're using one of these control panels, then you can test CloudFlare within five minutes. If you are using a custom control panel, CloudFlare has an API for integration.

CloudFlare Certified Partner Program

CloudFlare partners with hosting providers to bring more speed and security to your hosting plans. Become a CloudFlare Certified Partner and make installing CloudFlare one-click-simple for your customers. There are no upfront costs and no bandwidth charges. See a list of our current partners.

CloudFlare Optimized Partner Program

CloudFlare Optimized Partners offer all the benefits of a CloudFlare Certified Partner, plus Railgun. Railgun ensures that the connection between an origin server and the CloudFlare network is as fast as possible. Railgun requires Partners to install a piece of software on at least one server on their network. Certified Partners can qualify to become Optimized Partners as soon as they have a minimum number of sites active on their network. Learn more.

Odin Service Provider

CloudFlare has partnered with Odin to make it easy for any Odin service provider to offer CloudFlare to their customers. The partnership allows Odin service providers to become both an official CloudFlare Certified Hosting Partner and a reseller. Learn more.

What our partners have been saying

"CloudFlare is a win-win product that not only provides an extra layer of website security protection and reduces server load, but it informs people who are spreading viruses around."

"They have a simple and free solution to help to protect and accelerate any website online."
—Media Temple

"Faster site loads, a geographically diverse CDN, added security and simplicity. What's not to like?"
—A2 Hosting


Six benefits for partners