CloudFlare Partner Program for Odin

Whether you're a shared web hoster, VPS/Dedicated hoster, web development agency, domain registrar, website publishing platform, or an ISP/Telco, CloudFlare offers a solution set for you and your customers. There are no costs, risks or minimums to becoming a partner. Explore some of the options below and let's get started!

ServerShield for Odin Plesk Panel 12 and higher

Included in Odin Plesk Panel 12 and higher, CloudFlare offers ServerShield, an extension that provides CloudFlare functionality and management to hosting providers and Plesk server owners. Within Plesk, you now can easily deploy CloudFlare’s next generation CDN, bringing content closer and faster to visitors globally, at the same time as you block hackers, spammers, botnets, and DDoS attacks.

  • View aggregate Cloudflare analytics for all websites on the server including threats blocked, requests processed, and bandwidth saved
  • Manage key CloudFlare settings such as cache purging, security levels, and Railgun
  • Instantly protect all websites on the server with CloudFlare
  • ServerShield Plus is now available, offering a cloud based web application firewall (WAF) with a single click. The WAF stops threats before they reach the server. (available at the Plesk 12 Add-ons and Upgrades page)
  Server Shield Server Shield Plus
Ability to turn CloudFlare on for any website YES YES
Mass enable CloudFlare for all websites YES YES
Malware and reputation monitoring YES YES
CloudFlare settings management YES YES
Up to 50 server-level Web Application Firewall (WAF) rulesets   YES
Web traffic analytics 24 hours 15 mins

Become a partner

Fully optimize your hosted websites through CloudFlare’s complete suite of products. CloudFlare partners are able to offer the "CloudFlare Free" service plan to all of their customers.

Through caching and optimized network routing we will accelerate your customer websites up to 2x, reduce your bandwidth usage by up to 60%, increase customer density, and decrease server loads – all while improving security by blocking attacks at the network level before they ever get to your server.

Once a website is part of the CloudFlare community, its web traffic is routed through our intelligent global network, spanning 63 points-of-presence and growing. We also provide automatic IPv6 enablement for your customers – even if your hosting software or network does not support it yet.

"Bluehost is excited to offer CloudFlare's amazing Railgun technology to our customers. We love that our customers can have performance gains above and beyond an already great CloudFlare offering. The improvement in speed between Railgun and a standard website is surprisingly large in our testing." — Dan Handy, CEO of Bluehost

Cache the uncacheable

CloudFlare’s Railgun uses advanced network optimization to ensure your customers’ content is delivered as fast as possible. Railgun tracks changes to pages down to the byte and only sends the bytes that have actually changed across the network. Railgun achieves a 99.6% compression ratio, meaning what used to take 200 packets now can be sent in a single packet. The result is a 140% additional performance boost for website visitors.

As a CloudFlare partner, you can offer Railgun to all of your CloudFlare-enabled customers free of charge. Normally, CloudFlare customers pay $200 per month or more for access to this technology.

To start offering Railgun today:

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