Zero Trust security. For everyone.

Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Cloudflare for Teams -- the Zero Trust platform for Cloudflare One -- makes accessing the Internet safer and faster.

All Plans

We believe Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG) are for everyone! All of our pricing plans start with the same base set of features designed to bring the power of Cloudflare’s global edge network to your teams and infrastructure, empowering users with secure, fast, and seamless access to applications while securing users, devices, and networks against Internet-borne threats.

With Cloudflare for Teams, customers can:

Adopt Zero Trust security for application access

Connect remote workers to corporate applications

Protect data from unauthorized access

Adopt Zero Trust security for internet browsing

Protect devices from malicious content

Protect users from phishing sites

Free Plan

Good for proof of concepts or smaller organizations who want set-and-forget security for their users, networks and applications without sacrificing performance.


maximum of 50 users

Standard Plan

Better for small to midsize organizations who want the full stack of security with enhanced visibility and granular policy controls.


billed month-to-month

Add Browser Isolation for an additional $10 per user

Enterprise Plan

Best for organizations who want security transformation backed by maximum support, visibility, connectivity and interoperability.


tier-based custom quotes available

Add Browser Isolation based on a custom quote per user

Add-On: Zero Trust Browser Isolation

Faster than any legacy remote browser. Natively integrated in the Cloudflare for Teams policy builder, allowing administrators to allow, block, or isolate any security or content category and application group.

Execute all browser code in the cloud

Mitigate the impact of attacks

Seamless, lightning-fast end user experience

See Standard or Enterprise plans for pricing

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Teams Free $0/ user
Teams Standard $7/ user
Teams Enterprise $14/ user


Communication channels
24x7x365 Chat / Email
24x7x365 Phone / 24x7x365 Chat / Email
Median email response time
24 hours
4 hours
1 hour

Reduce risk

Zero Trust Network Access
Secure Web Gateway
↳ Recursive DNS Filters
↳ Layer 7 Proxy Filters
↳ Antivirus inspection
↳ CASB-lite
↳ Remote Browser Isolation
Add on (natively-integrated)
Add on (natively-integrated)

Increase visibility

Activity log retention
24 hours
30 days
6 months
Categorized application groups for Shadow IT visibility
Identity-based country and device detail views
Push logs to cloud storage or SIEMs

Consistent policy

Custom application and Internet access policies
Authentication via enterprise and social IdPs
Security categories (13) via machine learning and threat intelligence feeds
Content categories (100+) for acceptable use
Custom block, allow, or decryption bypass lists
Granular HTTP and URL rules
File type controls
CSV-based bulk import for lists
Device posture using third-party integrations

Secure connectivity

Client-based encrypted connections to the Internet (WARP client)
Win, Mac, iOS, Android
Win, Mac, iOS, Android
Win, Mac, iOS, Android
Clientless secure access to self-hosted and SaaS applications
Private connections for self-hosted applications to Cloudflare (Argo Tunnel)
Network-level security for physical locations
Editable IP network locations

Simple interoperability

Split-tunneling for local or VPN connectivity
Client self-enrollment for users on unmanaged devices
Authentication supports multiple identity providers concurrently
Generic and custom connectors to support SAML and OIDC
Service token support for automated services
Certificate-based auth for IoT and other mTLS use cases
Deployment via endpoint mobility management integrations

No performance sacrifices

Fastest, global edge network (200+ PoPs)
Fastest, global policy updates (<5 seconds)
Fastest, intelligent IP routing (<100ms)
Fastest, privacy-first DNS resolver (7-31ms)
Uptime SLA
Fastest, secure remote browser
Add on
Add on
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Use Standard Access or Standard Gateway separately

Only solving for limited use cases today? Contractors, mergers or acquisitions need access? VPN split-tunneling causing blindness in your gateway? We can help!

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