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Understand the resources available to you as a participant of Cloudflare social impact programs, fine-tune your performance and security settings, and learn how to get set up with our products.

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Getting started

This is the best place to begin — learn what steps to take first and complete onboarding activities.

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Security resources

Access videos, documentation, and step-by-step instructions on protecting key assets with Cloudflare products.

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Zero Trust

Understand how a Zero Trust security model can protect employees, volunteers, and devices.

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Get the help you need

See what support options are available under your plan and check out resources for quick troubleshooting.

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About Project Galileo

Through Project Galileo, a Cloudflare Impact program, we provide free security services to organizations supporting the arts, human rights, journalism, and democracy.

  • These free Business-level services include DDoS mitigation, DNS, Web Application Firewall, and caching.
  • Cloudflare may provide other products on request, such as Workers, Zero Trust application access, and Gateway — please reach out to your Cloudflare representative if you are interested.
  • To refer a vulnerable public interest site to Project Galileo, ask them to submit an application.

About the Athenian Project

We created the Athenian Project to ensure their constituents can access election and voter registration information.

  • Watch a video overview of the Athenian Project and download the summary of services.
  • We offer Enterprise-level services to state and local election websites for free, including DDoS mitigation, DNS, Web Application Firewall, caching, and 24/7 support via email and phone.
  • Refer a state or local government to the Athenian Project via our website.

About Cloudflare for Campaigns

Cloudflare for Campaigns is a suite of products focused on the needs of political campaigns and state parties.

  • Qualified federal election candidates are eligible to receive a package of products free of charge, provided by Cloudflare in partnership with the nonprofit Defending Digital Campaigns.
  • Participants receive Business-level service, which includes our Web Application Firewall, Rate Limiting, Load Balancing, Enterprise-level “I'm Under Attack Support,” Bot Management, and multi-user account enablement.
  • To ensure the security of internal campaign teams, we provide Zero Trust products such as Cloudflare Access and Gateway.

To learn more and apply for the project, visit our website.