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We created Athenian Project to ensure that state and local governments have the highest level of protection and reliability for free, so that their constituents have access to election information and voter registration.

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Cloudflare is on a mission to help build a better Internet. As one of the world’s largest networks, we believe it is our duty to help protect the most vulnerable voices and most critical institutions on the Internet.

In September 2017, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security informed 21 states that their voter registration files or public election websites had been targeted for cyber attack. Among the many things state and local officials are responsible for in the election space are election websites. Just like every other Internet property, election websites need to be fast, they need to be reliable, and they need to be secure. Yet, scarce budgets too often prevent governments from getting the right resources to prevent attacks and stay online.

safe and capitol

Athenian Project gives our Enterprise-level protection and performance for free.

Election websites serve a powerful role in democratic elections. Athenian Project is here to help.

Election websites are often the targets of attacks and face vulnerabilities.

Athenian Project protects against these vulnerabilities.

voter data

Protect Voter Data and Election Integrity

Prevent attackers and nation-state actors from compromising the integrity of elections by stealing sensitive voter data.

stay online

Stay Online During Peak Times

Web traffic during election cycles can vary. Cloudflare keeps websites online and performant during peak times.

prevent defacement

Prevent Website Defacement

Website defacement can be the result of brute force login attacks. Cloudflare stops attacks of this nature, preventing the proliferation of inaccurate information.

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Learn how to protect your election website


In this year’s historic Senate Special election, it was crucial that our website be able to handle spikes in traffic and remain online in the event of attack. It is very important to our state government and democracy as a whole that voters and the public be able to access registrar, election information, and election results. Cloudflare proved to be an excellent partner, helping us achieve this goal.


Acting Secretary of Information

Technology for the State of Alabama

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Athenian Project is free and open to all U.S. state, county, or municipal government sites related to:

  • The administration of elections, including the provision of information related to voting and polling places
  • Voter data, including voter registration or verification, or
  • The reporting of election results.

Signing up with Athenian Project

We’ll walk you step-by-step through adding your election website to Cloudflare.