Chocolatey no longer worries about unexpected costs from its rapid growth with Cloudflare easing their bandwidth burden.

Chocolatey is the package manager for Microsoft Windows, working with all aspects of software management. Chocolatey exists as an open source and commercial tool with a community package repository at Chocolatey has seen an amazing increase in the number of users and community over the past 5 years with a 400% increase in the number of downloads from 2014 to 2015.

Chocolatey's Rapid Growth chocolatey-graphic

Chocolatey’s Challenge: Scaling to Meet the Demands of A Rapidly Growing Open Source Community

Though Chocolatey began as a small open source tool, the community has since exploded and as a result Chocolatey was downloaded over 50 million times just in the first half of 2016. To accommodate this rapid growth in demand Chocolatey needed to scale their infrastructure. Rob Reynolds, founder of Chocolatey, explained that "We were looking for the ability to cache static content and provide a more reliable service without having to continue to overload our backend. It wasn’t like we were being DDoS’d, we were receiving legitimate requests. We just needed bigger infrastructure. We needed something to support the sheer amount of traffic we were experiencing." The challenge for Chocolatey, though, was finding an affordable solution so that they could continue to offer their free services.

Chocolatey's Solution: An Affordable, Flat-Rate Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN 可充分满足 Chocolatey 的要求,他们出于声誉以及统一定价的原因选择了 Cloudflare 。因为 Cloudflare 的 CDN 复制了 Chocolatey 的静态内容,并从位于全球 270 多个城市的数据中心提供这些内容,Chocolatey 的请求负载降低,基础设施成本减少。由于从 Cloudflare 边缘提供缓存内容,Chocolatey 对服务器的需求及其带宽成本每月减少 90% 以上。Reynolds 认为:“Cloudflare CDN 可帮助我们处理收到的大量请求,并有助于缓存程序包,因此我们的基础设施成本降低并更可预测。”

Furthermore, Chocolatey enjoys the fine-grained control they get with Page Rules. Reynolds delighted "Page rules are huge for determining caching. We enjoy how much control they allow us, and how much we save by using them." Chocolatey also received added security benefits by using Cloudflare. "We did come under a legitimate DDoS attack recently," explained Reynolds, "As soon as we turned on I'm Under Attack Mode the site stayed up and the attack was mitigated."


Flat-Rate Pricing allows for easy scale and growth

Dramatic Bandwidth and Infrastructure cost savings

Page Rules are for determining caching

Cloudflare provides a lot of different things out of the box that really allows a site to scale without issues.

Rob Reynolds