Nodecraft 切换云提供商以通过带宽联盟节省大量资金

Nodecraft 的联合创始人称这一决策“毫不费力”

在过去,如果你想在线玩游戏,你就会受到服务器运行方的限制——包括你选择玩的游戏级别、游戏时长,甚至是规则。如今,借助 Nodecraft,任何人都可以占据主场优势,而无需专门的 IT 部门帮忙。

Nodecraft 为用户提供了一种建立自有游戏服务器的简单方法,支持 MinecraftARK: Survival EvolvedCounter-Strike 等热门游戏。无论是想要为孩子打造适合全家的 *Minecraft *服务器的父母,还是要一起练习战术的游戏“帮派”,Nodecraft 都可以使用户轻松创建所需的体验。

Nodecraft 的最好优点之一是它非常灵活:你可以头一天在服务器上玩 Minecraft,第二天用服务器运行* ARK*,然后又返回到原来的游戏,所有的设置和数据都保持不变。对于游戏玩家而言,这是一种令人愉悦的体验,但它背后需要相当大的存储空间支撑,并且至关重要的是,它占用大量带宽。

Until recently, Nodecraft stored customers’ server instances on Amazon AWS’s S3.As Nodecraft’s popularity increased, however, its server bills were growing at an uncomfortable rate. AWS was charging Nodecraft not just for the storage space it was using, but also for so-called ‘egress’ fees, charging Nodecraft for transferring that stored data to customers.

As Nodecraft co-founder and CTO James Ross puts it, “Not only were we paying high egress fees, but S3’s pricing model lacked transparency. It was a nightmare trying to manage the at times 30 or more different variables impacting our bill.”



Launched in Fall 2018, the Bandwidth Alliance is an initiative started by Cloudflare in tandem with over a dozen leading cloud providers to make the Internet fairer and data more portable. In short, partners in the Bandwidth Alliance have agreed to waive egress fees for transfers between other partner networks — either in their entirety or at a steep discount.

Nodecraft chose to shift its storage to Bandwidth Alliance member Backblaze. As a result, Nodecraft completely eliminated the egress fees it was paying — representing huge savings in the long run - and additionally benefited from the lower costs of Backblaze’s innovative, pay-as-you-go B2 cloud storage service compared with AWS’s competing service.

“We saved 85% on our monthly data storage expenses thanks to the Bandwidth Alliance,” said Ross, “with significant savings on storage fees on top of no longer paying egress charges.”

How does that work? Nodecraft stores its data on Backblaze’s B2 Storage and delivers that content to customers via Cloudflare’s network, which has over 200 points of presence around the world. Because Backblaze and Cloudflare are both members of the Bandwidth Alliance, there is no charge to transfer data between them. And those savings are passed on to Nodecraft.

Nodecraft reinvested these savings into further growing its business. “We hired an additional developer, and can now afford to retain customers’ game data for longer periods, which has increased our customer satisfaction.”

“The cost savings of the Bandwidth Alliance can be huge,” according to Ross. Especially if your cloud storage is with a provider who is charging you more than you may realize for your egress. We now have the peace of mind of not having to worry about high and unpredictable fees.”

除了带宽联盟的好处外,Nodecraft 还通过许多其他方式利用 Cloudflare 的网络:Ross 表示公司几乎将 Cloudflare 的网络“用于一切”,从 DDoS 防护 Argo Smart Routing 的性能提升。

To learn more about the Bandwidth Alliance and how you can start saving - visit our overview here.

Nodecraft 切换云提供商以通过带宽联盟节省大量资金

Nodecraft 通过带宽联盟削减了数据传输成本


James Ross
Nodecraft 联合创始人/首席技术官