Dealer eProcess

Dealer eProcess 使用 SSL for SaaS 来安全地交付客户的站点。


The Dealer eProcess website platform was designed with a unique, customer-centric design. All website features, from navigation to image optimization, were built within their responsive platform to give the customer the quickest, easiest car-buying experience possible. Whether a user is on mobile device, tablet, or desktop, they will get a completely secure (SSL/HTTPS) hassle-free web-browsing experience that no one else can match.

Dealer eProcess’ Challenge: Scaling and Protecting Customer Sites “Our customers need to have optimal website performance to generate business and leads, they’re relying on us to provide that for them,” said Jim Bodine, Chief Information Officer at Dealer eProcess. “With over 1600 different websites to protect, choosing Cloudflare’s “always on” DDoS mitigation and WAF to protect all our customers at once was an easy choice to make.”

Dealer eProcess’ Solution: Integrated, Always-On Security Dealer eProcess quickly enlisted some DDoS protection, but wanted to make sure they had the perfect fit as they secured a long-term vendor. “We analyzed all vendor options,” Bodine noted, “but Cloudflare’s competitors had smaller networks and were less featured than Cloudflare. We use Cloudflare’s CDN, Argo Smart Routing, DDoS Mitigation, Web Application Firewall, Rate Limiting to protect against bots, as well as SSL for SaaS. The combination of all these performance and security products in one interface that’s easy to manage made choosing Cloudflare easy.”

现在,Dealer eProcess 客户的站点不仅受到 Cloudflare 一流的 DDoS 防护措施的保护,而且由于采用了 SSL for SaaS,这些站点会自动配置由 Cloudflare 管理和更新的 SSL 证书。这意味着,当这些站点处理安全信息(例如客户付款信息)时,这些交易将通过安全的加密连接进行处理。此外,Dealer eProcess 的客户不必经历为其网域购买和发送证书、然后在一年后进行续订的痛苦过程——Cloudflare 可以自动化并管理整个证书生命周期。

Dealer eProcess

Cloudflare 在一个易于管理的界面中结合了所有这些性能和安全性产品,这使得选择 Cloudflare 的决定非常轻松。

Jim Bodine