ZeroBounce Bakes Email Validation Into Your Subscription Forms

Email is the lifeblood of many businesses — ZeroBounce helps make sure it stays that way.

You’re probably all-too-familiar with the fact that spam is a huge problem on the Internet. But spam doesn’t just lead to bloated inboxes: it can keep customers from seeing emails they actually want to see. Over the years, the Internet has evolved defenses against spam, like reputation systems used by top email senders (the Mailchimps of the world) to block and filter out the noise. The problem is that these systems aren’t perfect — and sometimes legitimate email gets lumped in with the cruft.

To avoid this fate, it’s increasingly important for businesses to validate the integrity of their customers’ email addresses. ZeroBounce automatically scans your mailing lists and filters out invalid addresses — including the ‘spam traps’ that inform the web’s reputation trackers. This translates to improvements in your email deliverability, ensuring your email marketing is a reliable connection between you and your customers.

There’s no better way to ensure a high-quality mailing list than by being proactive about it. That’s why ZeroBounce built its subscription plugin: a subscription form that validates email addresses in real-time as they’re being submitted (it’ll even warn users if it notices they’ve made a common typo). With key features like 98+% verification accuracy, drag-and-drop customization, and GDPR compliance — this little widget packs a punch.

And thanks to Cloudflare Apps Marketplace, it’s never been easier to use it.

The Cloudflare Apps Marketplace

To install the ZeroBounce subscription form on their websites, Cloudflare users need only visit its listing on Cloudflare Apps Marketplace — they can even preview what the form looks like on their site in a single click.

ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase says that Cloudflare Marketplace gives the company a unique avenue to reach new customers, some of whom may lack the technical proficiency to implement it otherwise. Even for expert coders, it’s easily the most efficient way to add this kind of functionality to a website.

This underscores what makes Cloudflare Marketplace so powerful. In most scenarios, installing a dynamic subscription form like ZeroBounce would require modifications to your website’s code. Even comparable ‘Apps’ solutions, like WordPress Plugins and Salesforce AppExchange, are dependent on the platform you’re using: if you didn’t build your site on one of them, you’re out of luck.

But on Cloudflare Marketplace, you can install any app on your website, no matter what platform you’re running on. That’s because Cloudflare operates on a deeper level of the internet that’s platform-agnostic — and blazing fast.

Eager to see what ZeroBounce can do for your site? Head to the Cloudflare Marketplace to find it and dozens of other apps.


ZeroBounce Bakes Email Validation Into Your Subscription Forms
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