Cloudflare cyber security protection for at-risk sites

If you are an organization working in the arts, human rights, civil society, journalism, or democracy, you can apply for Project Galileo to get free cyber security protection from Cloudflare.

Ensuring that at-risk public interest groups stay online

Founded in 2014, Project Galileo is our response to devastating cyber attacks launched against important yet vulnerable targets, like artistic groups, humanitarian organizations, and the voices of political dissent.

Through Project Galileo, Cloudflare provides free, robust security to enterprises that are the targets of DDoS and other cyber attacks.

The Internet is a powerful tool for spreading and expanding ideas. When journalists, social activists, and minority groups are flooded with malicious traffic in an attempt to knock them offline, the Internet stops fulfilling its promise.

Such organizations often face attacks from powerful and entrenched opponents, yet operate on limited budgets.

We offer services through Project Galileo to any proposed recipient if brought to us by or approved by any one of our trusted partners. Such inclusion does not require and should not be understood as endorsement by all our diverse partner organizations.

Join the thousands of voices protected by Project Galileo

Program participants

Any qualified vulnerable public interest site can seek participation in Project Galileo. Examples of participants include, but are not limited to, minority rights organizations, human rights organizations, independent media outlets, arts groups, and democracy protection programs.

Many of our participants are under threat of persecution. To help keep participants safe from potential backlash, Cloudflare will not reveal sites involved in Project Galileo without explicit permission. We are grateful the following groups were willing to share their stories.


Case studies

US Vote Foundation

"It is difficult to know how to secure your website for the unexpected, and Project Galileo gave us the ability to focus on our work in providing authoritative information to voters to participate in their democracy."

Learn More
The Trevor Project

The mission of The Trevor Project is to provide powerful support and end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning young people.

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VoteAmerica has a simple yet ambitious goal: mobilize record-breaking voter turnout in the United States. Learn how Project Galileo helps.

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Majal is a nonprofit dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices and promoting social justice, particularly in the Middle East.

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VOST Portugal

Learn how VOST Portugal managed an influx of traffic during the recent fuel crisis with the help of Project Galileo.

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Decision Desk HQ

"When DDHQ was named by Twitter one of the seven outlets in the world as an authoritative figure in declaring election results, we had to increase our ongoing efforts to ensure that our site was safe and available for those looking for accurate election results."

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Our partners

Cloudflare partners with respected free speech, public interest, and civil society organizations to identify at-risk websites eligible for participation in Project Galileo. By relying on these informed decision-makers, we ensure the program benefits from civil society expertise and is not influenced by our biases.

Once a partner approves an applicant, Cloudflare extends its security benefits to ensure the organization stays online, protecting their voice from being silenced.

Learn more about some of our partners below.

Access Now

Attacks on vulnerable groups at the edge of the Internet harm the open Internet as a whole.

Learn More

Center for Democracy & Technology

The CDT sees its role as a protector of the democratic distribution of power on the Internet.

Learn More

Electronic Frontier Foundation

The EFF defends civil liberties in the digital world. They build tools, pursue policy and legal change, and do international and domestic advocacy work.

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Fourth Estate

Fourth Estate’s mission is to contribute to a healthy society by fostering, supporting, and incubating a sustainable and vibrant free press.

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Project Galileo tools

Participants in Project Galileo receive the benefits of our Business plan, including:

For more information about taking advantage of Project Galileo features, check out our Impact Portal.

Updates on Project Galileo


Let’s celebrate the 8th anniversary of Project Galileo!

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In Ukraine and beyond, what it takes to keep vulnerable groups online

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A new portal for Project Galileo participants

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Visit our partners for sponsorship opportunities

Apply to Project Galileo

If you represent a vulnerable public interest website that wants to participate in Project Galileo, please contact one of our partner organizations and ask them to sponsor you (listed above).
If you are not affiliated with a partner organization, please fill out this contact form. Any information you can provide about your mission, activities, and nonprofit status will help our partners evaluate your application. While you wait to hear back, please review the benefits of our Free plan to get started with Cloudflare.

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