GA Week 2022

Cloudflare TV

Cloudflare TV- Wrapping up GA Week

Friday, September 23

John Graham-Cumming & João Tomé

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CloudflareTV- Logpush: lower cost and more reliable

Thursday September 22 10:00 AM PT

Duc Nguyen

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CloudflareTV- Central management for API Endpoints GA + Regional Services Expansion

Thursday September 22 11:30 AM PT

Reid Tatoris & Achiel van der Mandele

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CloudflareTV- R2 GA + Store and retrieve Cloudflare Logs on R2

Wednesday September 21 11:00 AM PT

Aly Cabral, Paulo Costa, Cole MacKenzie & Tanushree Sharma

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CloudflareTV- Custom Domains for Workers GA + Workers for Platforms

Wednesday September 21 12:00 PM PT

Kabir Sikand & Tanushree Sharma

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CloudflareTV- Stream Live GA

Wednesday September 21 1:00 PM PT

Brendan Irvine-Broque

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CloudflareTV- Area 1 + Threat Intel (GA)

Tuesday September 20 8:00 AM PT

João Sousa Botto

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CloudflareTV- Account level WAF GA, Adaptive DDoS Protection GA + Advanced DDoS Alerts GA

Tuesday September 20 9:30 AM PT

Daniele Molteni, Michael Tremante & Omer Yoachimik

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CloudflareTV- Cloudflare Channel Partner Program

Tuesday September 20 10:00 AM PT

Steve Pataky, Karl Henrik Smith

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CloudflareTV- CASB available in ZT Bundles (GA) + DLP available in ZT Bundles (GA)

Tuesday September 20 11:00 AM PT

Corey Mahan, Alex Dunbrack, Noelle Gotthardt & Kyle Krum

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CloudflareTV- Magic Gateway + BISO (GA)

Tuesday September 20 12:30 PM PT

Tim Obezuk & Corey Mahan

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CloudflareTV- Welcome to GA week

Monday, September 19 6:30 AM PT

John Graham-Cumming & João Tomé

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CloudflareTV- GA CloudforceOne

Monday, September 19 11:30 AM PT

Patrick Donahue, Jesse Kipp & Blake Darche

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CloudflareTV- Domain Scoped Roles GA

Monday September 19 12:30 PM PT

Joseph So & Garrett Galow

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