Project Galileo case studies

Learn about the wide range of participants in Project Galileo, a program that protects vulnerable organizations working in the arts, human rights, journalism, and democracy.

History and Culture


After DDoS attacks interfered with the Muzeon Association’s ability to share stories about the history of a Jewish community in Romania, they requested help from Project Galileo.

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Veterans Brotherhood

The Veterans Brotherhood is an organization designed to prevent veteran suicides through helping veterans with PTSD.

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Sin Embargo

Sin Embargo is a digital newspaper serving readers investigative journalism throughout Mexico.

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Musopen provides recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the public for free, without copyright restrictions.

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Internet Archive

Information is powerful. The Internet Archive believes that sharing it will provide for a more innovative, more equal future.

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Editorial cartoonists are like canaries in the press freedom coal mine.

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The biggest threat to Bedayaa is tracking and censorship by the government.

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Education and Health

Dream Girl Foundation

Securing data and fending off attacks are critical to Dream Girl Foundation’s ability to thrive — learn how they protect their website with Project Galileo.

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VoteAmerica has a simple yet ambitious goal: mobilize record-breaking voter turnout in the United States. Learn how Project Galileo helps.

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The Trevor Project

The mission of The Trevor Project is to provide powerful support and end suicide among gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning young people.

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Decision Desk HQ

When DDHQ was named by Twitter one of the seven outlets in the world as an authoritative figure in declaring election results, we had to increase our ongoing efforts to ensure that our site was safe and available for those looking for accurate election results.

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Electionland has been described as the largest single-day collaborative journalistic effort ever made. Over 800 journalists participated in fact-checking news gathered from social discovery services and media aggregations.

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Diario de Araxa

Diário de Araxá is a newspaper in southern Brazil that seeks to share unbiased information, which is a challenge in a country where journalism is frequently attacked and censored.

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Lake County News

Lake County News is an award-winning news agency that covers local government, schools, community groups, and environmental affairs in their northern California county.

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HERA Digital Health

To help further their mission to connect refugee populations with healthcare services, HERA relies on Cloudflare for DNS, CDN, Load Balancing, and API security.

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Women's March Global

Women’s March Global seeks to empower women to advance women’s rights in their local communities and unite grassroots movements worldwide.

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Since 1997, the Global Medical Relief Fund has provided children with vital medical care around the world.

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US Vote Foundation

"It is difficult to know how to secure your website for the unexpected, and Project Galileo gave us the ability to focus on our work in providing authoritative information to voters to participate in their democracy."

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BullyingCanada works to provide direct services to youths and their families to help them resolve bullying situations.

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Majal is a nonprofit dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices and promoting social justice, particularly in the Middle East.

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VOST Portugal

Learn how VOST Portugal managed an influx of traffic during the recent fuel crisis with the help of Project Galileo.

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Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP)

This century-old organization provides educational and leadership training programs for young people and organizes COVID and refugee assistance.

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After joining Project Galileo, Sheltersuit achieved a 26% improvement in page load times to support fundraising efforts.

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Better World Ed

According to Executive Director Abhi Nangia, “Project Galileo enables us to up our security efforts in a way that keeps us sleeping peacefully, trusting our website is in good security hands.”

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Raissa Robles

Raissa Robles’ challenge: Publishing controversial stories without being taken offline.

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Interfaith Enlightenment Center

The Interfaith Enlightenment Center was started in 2011 with a mission to provide aid to people in marginalized communities worldwide.

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Reporter Taiwan

The Reporter is a nonprofit media organization striving to produce in-depth reports, conduct investigative journalism, and track important issues.

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WUSC looks to improve education, economics, and opportunities to overcome inequality and exclusion in over 25 countries.

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Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report is a publishing platform covering issues such as land grabs, corruption, and cronyism in Malaysia and beyond.

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Animal Rights

Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds

The Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds turned to Cloudflare to improve their site speed and defend against attacks that could bring down their site.

Humanitarian Aid

Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation

Ukrainians in the Netherlands Foundation provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine and supports displaced people arriving in the Netherlands, including mental health support and translation help.

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