Welcome to Cloudflare at GISEC 2022!

Cloudflare provides security, performance, and reliability for everything connected to the internet. Check out our latest resources or book a meeting with us and learn how to leverage our integrated global cloud network.

We've put together a few helpful resources to show you how Cloudflare works and we are looking forward to meeting you at GISEC, you can find us at booth C14.

The Cloudflare team will be available before and during the event so make sure to book time for a chat, coffee and pop by our booth to participate in our crack the code game & for the chance to win some Cloudflare swag.

Protect your Internet presence


Cloudflare Performance Services accelerate applications, improve mobile delivery, and ensure availability for Internet properties. These three primary trends — higher customer expectations, the rise of mobile, and accelerated globalization of customers and audiences — have increased the performance challenge of ensuring higher conversions, improved engagement, and reduced costs.


With Cloudflare you ensure security, performance and reliability. Our solution can be used regardless of the cloud platform used, so that visibility is guaranteed even in a decentralized infrastructure.


Keeping your Internet website up and running is just as important as protecting it from malicious requests. Leveraging Cloudflare's massive edge network means you no longer have to rely on just a few servers. Now thousands of computers around the world are making sure visitors reach your content.

Resources to protect and optimise your Networks


Cloudflare One: Product Brief

Cloudflare’s SASE platform, Cloudflare One, is a Zero Trust network-as-a-service built on a single, unified global network. It places identity-based security controls, firewall, WAN-as-a-Service and more close to users everywhere on Earth, helping them quickly and securely connect to any enterprise resource.

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API Shield 资料单

进一步了解 Cloudflare API Shield 以确保 API 安全高效。

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Cloudflare 网络如何维护数据隐私

这份白皮书介绍了数据在 Cloudflare 网络上传输的方式、数据收集和隐私,以及我们对加密密钥的保护。

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More than 25 million websites rely on Cloudflare's intelligent solutions. These websites come from companies and organizations from various industries.

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