If you’re a scientist or engineer, you’re probably familiar with NI — the world’s premier vendor of automated testing and measurement tools. The company’s lineup of software and modular hardware is used for everything from circuit design to biomedical research. With so many customers that work in mission-critical environments, NI needs an online presence that instills trust and confidence.

. “NI is a global company, with customers evenly distributed around the globe. We needed a good way to deliver software and content to these customers out of our datacenter in Austin in a performant, reliable manner.”
- Robert Cope
Infrastructure Architect, NI


NI is no stranger to complexity, but one of its chief difficulties stemmed from a relatively straightforward task: file downloads.

As with many modern software distributors, NI gives customers a way to download applications directly from its website, with predictably large file sizes. But few cache operators can properly handle downloads this large, and the vendor NI had been using was regularly aging out these files from its cache.

结果,NI 的许多下载流量被路由到其位于德克萨斯州奥斯汀市、为全球客户提供服务的源站,结果并不理想。关于下载速度过慢的报告涌入 NI 的客服部门。即使是位于公司区域办事处的员工也留意到速度下降。

. “持续不断的反馈表明,客户的下载体验很差。同时,CDN 供应商提供给我们的每月账单金额巨大。真是糟糕。”
- Eric McCraw
National Instruments

这些投诉尤其令人担忧,因为它对我们的业务产生了广泛影响。正如 NI 基础设施架构师 Robert Cope 所说:“鉴于我们业务的技术性质,如果我们连‘如此简单’的事情都做不好,他们为何要购买我们的高科技产品呢?


Cloudflare 的不同之处

As a global company with over a billion dollars in annual revenue, switching CDN providers isn’t something NI took lightly. NI’s infrastructure team deployed monitoring points around the globe to benchmark five competitive services, with special attention given to their ability to handle large file sizes. After a rigorous process — spanning everything from customer support to performance to price — Cloudflare came out on top.

. “在我们的测试中,Cloudflare 提供了最快的全球性能,而且他们与我们共同努力,确保我们的大文件能尽快传输。

Cloudflare 在全球(包括中国)都提供服务,这对于我们做出决定发挥了重要作用。与以前的提供商相比,他们帮我们节省了可观的费用。”
- Robert Cope
Infrastructure Architect, NI

In addition to Cloudflare’s CDN, NI also enabled performance-enhancing features like Argo Smart Routing — with compelling results. Since switching to Cloudflare, the number of customer complaints about download performance has dwindled to a trickle, and the NI team is exploring additional ways to leverage Cloudflare’s product portfolio.

. “Cloudflare 的另一个优势是其灵活性。它提供强大的 API 以及 Cloudflare Workers 带来的可扩展性,我们可以根据需要灵活部署。另外,作为 Cloudflare 核心软件包的一部分,我们获得了出色的 DDoS 和 WAF 安全防护功能,之前的提供商对此收取非常昂贵的费用。”
- Eric McCraw
Web 系统和云卓越中心高级 IT 经理


• NI struggled to deliver large file downloads to its customers, despite having a CDN.

•通过迁移到 Cloudflare,NI 得以提高下载速度(包括在中国)。

•使用 Cloudflare Workers,NI 得以自定义设置并快速迭代新的改进。

•Argo Smart Routing 进一步提高了 NI 的性能。

在我们的测试中,Cloudflare 提供了最快的全球性能,并与我们共同努力,确保我们的大文件能够尽快传输。

Robert Cope
Infrastructure Architect, NI