Cloudflare 대기실

피크 트래픽을 관리하기 위한 가상 대기실

트래픽이 갑자기 증가하면 응용 프로그램과 인프라를 압도해 온라인 서비스의 성능이 저하되거나 완전히 중단될 수 있습니다.

Cloudflare 대기실을 이용하면 과도한 사용자를 고객 브랜드의 대기실로 옮겨 고객 경험을 유지할 수 있으며, 원본 서버가 요청에 압도되지 않습니다.

Stay online, provide an excellent customer experience, and protect your application during traffic surges

장바구니 포기율 감소

트래픽이 피크인 시간에도 가동 정지나 응용 프로그램의 성능 저하로 온라인 트랜잭션이 영향받지 않습니다.

일관된 브랜드 경험 제공

대기실은 고객의 브랜드를 확장한 것처럼 작동하므로 고객은 대기 중에도 원활한 온라인 환경을 경험합니다.

인프라 비용 절감

피크 트래픽을 처리하기 위해 서버를 추가로 유지하거나 대역폭 비용을 추가로 부담하지 않습니다.

Application access protection when you need it most

Product launches
Holiday traffic
Special events
Limited time sales
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Keep wait times low

Waiting Room keeps wait times low by dynamically managing traffic. As soon as a user leaves an application or their cookie expires, a new user is let in.

Manage queues your way

Set activation thresholds based on incoming rate of traffic or total active users. Admit queued visitors using multiple queuing options — first-in-first-out, random, or lottery.

Tailor your waiting room to your brand

Customize your Waiting Room experience with custom HTML and CSS, multiple languages, and more branding options. Getting set up is extremely easy and you have complete control.

Get started in minutes

All it takes to get set up is filling out five fields in the Cloudflare dashboard or via API. No coding, JavaScript tags, or off cycle deployments that can introduce bugs required.

Highly accurate wait times

Waiting Room continually syncs data across global points of presence in seconds so wait times are always up to date

Never ask a user to re-queue

Waiting Room remembers users for as long as their cookie is valid, so they do not lose their place in line

Granular control

Dictate your own custom application thresholds, session duration limit, queueing methods, and more


Announcement blog

Learn more about how Waiting Room enables COVID-19 vaccine distribution with Project Fairshot.

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Frequently asked questions

Take a look at Cloudflare Help Center for answers to commonly asked questions about Waiting Room.

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Developer documentation

Find detailed information about and instructions for configuring and using Waiting Room.

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API documentation

Get more information about managing waiting rooms with the Cloudflare API.

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Waiting Room overview

Download this 2-pager for an overview of the Cloudflare Waiting Room's key features.

Download the 2-pager

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