Platform Week

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오늘의 Platform 소식

Proof of Stake and our next experiments in web3

Cloudflare is going to participate in the research and development of the core infrastructure that helps keep Ethereum secure, fast, as well as energy efficient for everyone

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Gaining visibility in IPFS systems

We've developed the IPFS Gateway monitor, an observability tool that runs various IPFS scenarios on a given gateway endpoint. In this post, you'll learn how we use this tool and go over discoveries we made along the way

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Public access for our Ethereum and IPFS gateways now available

Today we are excited to announce that our Ethereum and IPFS gateways are publicly available to all Cloudflare customers for the first time

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Serving Cloudflare Pages sites to the IPFS network

Today, we're announcing we're bridging the two. We will make it possible for our customers to serve their sites on the IPFS network

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Network performance update: Platform Week

In addition to sharing a general update on where our network performance stands, we’re also sharing updated performance metrics on our Workers platform. We’ve done an extensive benchmark of Cloudflare Workers vs Fastly’s Compute@Edge, and the results are in: Workers is 25% faster.

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CFTV: 오늘 Cloudflare에서 무엇을 출시했을까요?

May 17 10:30 AM PDT

Join Vivek Ganti, Wesley Evans, Thibault Meunier, and Brian Batraski to hear the news about what launched today during Platform Week.