Build stateful applications that scale dynamically with Macrometa and Cloudflare

Macrometa is a Global Data Network and Edge Computing Service. Macrometa helps cloud and web developers add instant performance to their stateful data driven web, mobile, IoT apps, and APIs while cutting cloud database and server costs by 70% or more. Macrometa's serverless cloud enables cloud developers to tier, cache, process, and serve data and APIs from the edge with its globally distributed cloud database, stream data processing, pub/sub and function serving from a network of more than 100 edge locations around the world.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare has launched a partnership for global data with Macrometa to enable developers to build rich, geo-distributed, stateful applications and APIs at the edge. Through Cloudflare Workers and Macrometa Query Workers, developers can build applications that scale dynamically while maintaining strong consistency. This partnership can help developers choose an edge-first database when they build a new application on Cloudflare Workers.

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Announcing Cloudflare's Database Partners

Learn about Cloudflare’s partnership with Macrometa in this announcement blog post around our Database Partners.

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Solution & Product Guides

Working with Macrometa GDN and Cloudflare Workers

Learn more about how to use Cloudflare Workers with Macrometa GDN in this brief tutorial.

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Going beyond cloud: Building serverless, stateful and globally distributed apps at the Edge

Hear from Cloudflare and Macrometa in this webinar about how enterprises can build powerful apps and APIs with real-life use cases.

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