OkCupid helps people find love, while Cloudflare bullet-proofs its infrastructure

Often referred to as the Google of online dating, OkCupid works its algorithmic magic to help millions of people connect online and find love. Unlike other dating sites, OkCupid’s core functionality is always free, and the site boasts a rich profile and matching system. The company has quickly risen to rival the superiority of other online dating sites, one of which – Match.com – acquired OkCupid in 2011. Today, with 10 million active users and over one million app installs per week, OkCupid is a favorite destination for people looking to find love online.

80% Savings in Operating Costs by utilizing Cloudflare's technology to reduce servers needed

An Online Match That Just Works

OkCupid first started using Cloudflare to shield its website from online threats and to ensure strong security and high availability for its growing user base. “We were exploring security solutions, and Cloudflare’s name bubbled to the top of the list,” says Alex Dumitriu, VP of Operations at OkCupid. “We liked that Cloudflare is a nimble, fast-moving company that matches our company’s ethos.”

OkCupid took advantage of Cloudflare’s integrated performance and security solutions, and its globally distributed network of data centers in 320 cities. In addition to the robust security protection, the company benefited from improved page load times: in the United States, users on the West Coast experienced a 30% improvement in page load times, and in the United Kingdom, Cloudflare cut page load times by 50%—a dramatic improvement for its UK user base. Both website and mobile users experienced these improvements.

OkCupid also experienced speed optimizations to its dynamic content. Cloudflare improved the API response time by performing SSL handshakes closer to end users. Moreover, Cloudflare helped OkCupid avoid TCP slow start by reusing connections between Cloudflare’s edge and OkCupid’s origin.

In addition to faster page load times, OkCupid saved nearly 80% on its bandwidth bill compared to direct to origin by taking advantage of Cloudflare’s caching capabilities, especially for images—one of the main assets that consume large amount of bandwidth.

“Eventually we transitioned away from Akamai to take advantage of Cloudflare’s integrated performance and security solutions,” said Dumitriu. “ We’ve had incredible support from their team on short notices and at all hours of the night. That type of support, combined with their innovative technology and excellent pricing, made them a perfect business partner for us.”

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Key Results

100% clean traffic

80% bandwidth savings

50% faster page load times in the United Kingdom

The combination of technically adept and nimble company paired with excellent pricing and set of technologies made Cloudflare the perfect business partner.

Alex Dumitriu
VP of Operations