Cloudflare helps meet high expectations of its e-commerce customers when it comes to website speed and security.

The Challenge

Numerous top-tier web properties rely on Spark::red to keep their e-commerce sites online and transacting at full speed. Any downtime or slowness results in negative user experience, impacting the site’s e-commerce conversion rate and revenue.

Spark::red understands the high expectations of its e-commerce customers when it comes to website speed and security. “Performance and security features are absolutely critical for online businesses. Sites need to load fast, and customers need to know that their personal information (emails, passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) is protected”, said Devon Hillard, Spark::red co-founder.

The Partnership

By partnering with Cloudflare, Spark::red brings premium performance and security to its customers. By leveraging the speed and security of the Cloudflare technology, Spark::red’s customers enjoy faster content delivery, seamless performance on mobile, advanced security protection, and optimized front/back-end. This ultimately translates into better user experience, which positively impacts the business’ bottom line.

The Results

A shining example of Cloudflare’s impact on Spark::red’s clients is—an Internet top 500 retailer. In the past, suffered from multiple site outages due to traffic spikes on Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays as well as during other peak periods. “We regularly struggled with site stability issues and were always nervous as we approached our peak transaction period around the Black Friday weekend”, says Paul Hoffman, COO.

In 2013, backed by Spark::red and Cloudflare, sustained a 100% uptime, experienced zero security issues, and delivered fast page load times to its site’s visitors. successfully managed a record increase in site traffic during the 2013 holiday season, which resulted in record-breaking online sales on Cyber Monday.
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Key Results

Advanced DDoS protection

SSL to protect the site's users

Faster content delivery

Seamless mobile performance

I was particularly impressed when Cloudflare thwarted the biggest DDoS attack in Internet history. If you add that to the amount of presence they have in Latin America, the choice was simple.

Nicolas Cohen