CodeGuard provides an easy-to-use service that enables small and medium businesses to protect their websites from hacks and mistakes. The cloud-hosted service performs an initial backup of website content, and then monitors the site. If it discovers site changes, CodeGuard will take a new backup and alert the owner. At any time, the owner can rollback if undesired changes are detected attacks or mistakes. Put simply, CodeGuard is a time machine for websites.

Becoming a Cloudflare app partner

CodeGuard was introduced to the Cloudflare team shortly after we launched at TechCrunch Disrupt: NYC in May 2011. We introduced our Cloudflare app within the month. Getting started was easy. The technical integration required was minimal, and we received fantastic assistance from Cloudflare, both in terms of technical and business support. Being a Cloudflare app offered us the opportunity to access and serve a user base that is similar to our own website owners who wanted to protect and secure their sites.

Being a Cloudflare app partner

"As a Cloudflare app partner, we saw immediate and significant user growth with no marketing. Our Cloudflare user acquisition rates weren't short-lived either Cloudflare remains one of the fastest-growing segments of our user base. Cloudflare's customers have been incredibly involved in helping us improve the product. They're willing to provide feedback, test beta features, and offer community support they're among the most helpful users we have. Overall, partnering with Cloudflare and providing CodeGuard to website owners via the Cloudflare apps program has been instrumental in our customer growth and product improvement. We're so happy with the results we've experienced through the program and would recommend anyone who has a website service explore the possibility of becoming a Cloudflare app partner.

Key Results

Immediate user growth

Access to users who provide useful feedback and community support

We received fantastic assistance from Cloudflare, both in terms of technical and business support.

David Moeller