Bidu augmente de 30 % son nombre de clients potentiels d'une année sur l'autre grâce aux améliorations de rapidité et de sécurité apportées par Cloudflare.

Bidu is one of the first online property insurance companies in Brazil, helping more than 1 million people to protect their property. Bidu’s main business goal is to bring insurance to the modern age by incorporating the latest technology into their product to make getting insurance as easy as possible.

Renato Menegasso, responsable de la technologie chez Bidu, a déclaré que pour Bidu « il ne s'agit pas seulement de vendre des assurances, mais de les vendre à un client parfaitement informé. Nous voulons que les gens comprennent les petits caractères et sachent ce qu'ils achètent. »

Bidu’s Challenge: Speed & Security Fit for the Insurance Industry

Bidu started an initiative to improve their SEO (search engine optimization) to ensure that they had the highest possible placement in front of the eyes of potential customers. During this process Bidu learned that slow performance and site latency were bringing down search ranks. Menegasso explained “Speed is necessary to show that we’re a reliable website and we have what it takes to do business online. Our search rankings are directly related to how fast our site is.” Web performance also affected Bidu’s customers— Menegasso elaborated, “we have almost 100 fields on our online application so people come onto our website, fill out information, fill out more information, and then they get a quote. The longer it takes to load the fields and for our customers to complete the application the less likely they are to finish it and submit.” Bidu was thus in search of a Internet performance partner that also had the security they needed to be best-in-class for the insurance industry.

Bidu's Solution: A Strong and High-Performing Security Partner

“We sell through 8 different insurance carriers, and we can now deliver a quote to a customer in 30 seconds thanks to Cloudflare” said Menegasso. He continued, “this is absolutely extraordinary and necessary for our business. It makes all the difference. If we didn’t have this speed, then more people would drop and our bounce rate would be higher.” bidu-time-to-first-byte Bidu decided on using Cloudflare because Cloudflare offered both a high performing global network with Data Centers across Latin America and an advanced suite of security tools at a reasonable price and the ability to manage everything through the same dashboard. bidu-avg-load-time Bidu now enjoys an 84% reduction on their bandwidth use by using Cloudflare’s global network , which stores and serves Bidu’s content from the local caches. In addition, Bidu’s website performance has improved dramatically as the result of serving content to customers from Cloudflare’s proximally located Latin American data centers and through Cloudflare’s support of faster, more secure HTTP/2. These performance improvements have resulted in Bidu’s time to first byte (with more stability pulling from the cache) dropping from 8s to an average of 1s, and full page load times dropping from 13 seconds to an average of only 2.3s. Menegasso credits Bidu’s 30% more leads YoY directly to the performance benefits from Cloudflare.

30 %

De plus, le WAF (pare-feu d'applications web) de Cloudflare et le filtrage d'adresses IP à partir d'une liste de réputation exhaustive aident Bidu à identifier et à bloquer le trafic malveillant dirigé vers son site, en le rendant ainsi plus sûr et plus fiable pour ses utilisateurs.

M. Menegasso a conclu en disant : « Grâce aux améliorations de performance et de sécurité apportées par Cloudflare, nos clients sont plus heureux, et notre entreprise se porte mieux ! »

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30 % de clients potentiels supplémentaires chaque année grâce à l'amélioration des performances du site

Réduction de 84 % de l'utilisation de la bande passante

Réduction de sept secondes de la durée moyenne de chargement du premier octet

Réduction de plus de onze secondes du temps moyen de chargement d'une page entière

Cloudflare est une solution puissante et efficace au service de la performance et de la sécurité de votre site.

Renato Menegasso
Directeur technologique