Integrate Zero Trust with ease and flexibility

Cloudflare empowers your organization with flexibility to build on the providers you already use and avoid vendor lock-in.

Your existing identity, endpoint, and cloud vendors can too often feel like sandbags weighing down your Zero Trust journey. Cloudflare integrates seamlessly with those prior investments, so they feel like rocket boosters.

Our Zero Trust platform is designed to work with multiple providers at once, so you’re never constrained and always in charge of how you advance your security goals.

Common integration challenges

Frustrated administrators

Security teams too often spend time pouring over dense technical documentation, while trying to string together tools that were never designed for each other. These overly complex backend integrations are tedious to set up, let alone scale.

Vendor lock-in

Some vendors have a vested interest in pulling you deeper into their preferred ecosystem of technologies, whether it is right for your organization or not. Often, this translates to absent support and buggy experiences when working with tools outside their center of gravity.

Naive security

When your security tools don’t talk to each other, your organization misses out on crucial context that enhances a Zero Trust approach. Without that context, your organization may be blind to emerging threats and leave gaps in policies.

Aggregate context across vendors onto Cloudflare’s single control plane

Cloudflare takes an agnostic approach to integrations, allowing your organization to onboard multiple of your preferred identity, endpoint, and cloud providers at once. That flexibility makes it easy to keep moving forward with Zero Trust, regardless of your preexisting tech stack.

In the process, our platform aggregates context and risk signals across those providers, enabling richer intelligence for you to create and enforce more granular security policies across our edge.

Identity agnostic

Frictionless authentication across provider types

  • Onboard all your corporate identities at once (Okta, Azure AD, and more)
  • Federate identities across multiple providers and multiple instances of each provider
  • Social identities (LinkedIn or Github) enable faster, easier, and equally secure authentication for third parties
Endpoint agnostic

Posture checks across device types

  • Level up security by integrating with endpoint protection providers (like Crowdstrike, SentinelOne, and more)
  • Context-aware access across any device (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, chromeOS, and Android)
  • Enrich risk assessment with our client, optimized for flexible deployment
Cloud agnostic

Focus on Zero Trust security, not your cloud consumption

  • Zero Trust for any resource in public, private, or SaaS cloud environments
  • App connectors, network on-ramp partners, and storage integrations to interact with any cloud
  • Embrace a multi-cloud future without worrying about vendor lock-in


Our Zero Trust Integrations

Cloudflare empowers your organization with flexibility to build on the identity, endpoint protection, and cloud providers you already use and avoid vendor lock-in. Learn how we approach technology integrations and partnerships for our Zero Trust platform.

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Blog: Latest device security partnerships

In March 2021, Cloudflare announced new integrations with VMware Carbon Black, CrowdStrike, and SentinelOne to pair with our existing Tanium integration. Cloudflare Zero Trust customers can now use these integrations to restrict access to their applications based on security signals from their devices.

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Blog: Latest Network On-ramp partners

In March 2021, Cloudflare expanded its Network On-ramp partners to span 15 leading connectivity providers in 70 unique locations, making it easier for customers to get their traffic onto our edge.

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Webpage: Technology Partners Overview

Learn more about how Cloudflare works with leading technology companies across categories to enable flexibility for our customers to build on the solutions they already work with.

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Blog: Zero Trust MDM integrations

New integrations with mobile device management vendors Microsoft Intune, Ivanti, JumpCloud, Kandji, and Hexnode to make it even easier to deploy and install Cloudflare's device client (WARP).

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Webpage: MDM partnerships

Cloudflare has partnered with leading MDM solutions to help teams manage their device fleet and progress towards Zero Trust security with ease and agility. Learn more about how to become a partner.

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