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With Cloudflare, rich web application experiences never come at the expense of security or performance. Since our network spans more than 285 cities in over 100 countries, we fight attacks and serve web requests close to users. We help you keep applications fast, available, and scalable.

Success story

Cloudflare helps LendingTree stop costly attacks

When DDoS attacks, bad bots, and traffic spikes brought down LendingTree’s website and wasted their marketing spend, the company turned to performance and security services from Cloudflare. Read the case study to learn more.

Fast and seamless protection

Modern protection for modern applications

Our integrated application security portfolio brings together best-in-class, unmetered DDoS protection; a Web Application Firewall that stops the most advanced attacks; protection for APIs; unparalleled bot-stopping power; and client-side attack detection.

We block an average of 70 billion cyber threats per day. All with no software or hardware to install.

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Avoid overload

Improve application availability

Make sure your applications are always online and available, regardless of traffic spikes, attacks, and outages. Cloudflare's global Anycast network prevents downtime, and our Load Balancing effectively steers traffic to available server pools.

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Quick configuration

Simple setup and management

With no complex configurations to manage, setting up Cloudflare is quick and easy. Monitor security and performance solutions with one intuitive dashboard. Activate additional performance and security tools in minutes with a few clicks of a button.

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Security solutions

DDoS Protection

Our always-on protection identifies and mitigates most attacks in under three seconds. Blocking attacks from the network edge reduces latency, keeping traffic blazing fast.

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Our Web Application Firewall draws on our threat intelligence from millions of sites and 45 million requests per second. Thanks to our network’s scale and speed, any rule changes deploy globally in seconds.

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Bot Management

Defend against bad bots responsible for credential stuffing, content scraping, and more. Using machine learning, our strategy evolves to stop the most advanced bots while keeping legitimate traffic flowing.

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API Shield

Secure your APIs with mutual TLS and schema validation. Deploy a positive security model to define the requirements for legitimate traffic and eliminate credential stuffing.

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Page Shield

Defend against attacks aimed at your customers by monitoring your site’s JavaScript dependencies — all to protect confidential user information, including credit card details.

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Cloudflare for SaaS

Encrypt customer data, shield applications from data breaches, and easily manage customers’ websites and SSL certificates at scale.

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Performance solutions

Smart Routing

Reduce page load times with efficient routing that adapts to real-time network conditions. Our network routes 45 million HTTP requests per second, giving us the insights to avoid congestion and boost reliability.

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Benefit from the world's fastest DNS and top-notch redundancy. We handle DNS resolution at the network edge and deliver 100% uptime.

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Load Balancing

Route traffic to origin servers based on geography, latency, and availability to enhance the user experience. Manage traffic from a unified control plane and increase reliability with fast failover.

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Website Optimization

Improve how your site renders by addressing image and page sizes, using a lossless compression algorithm, and adjusting the order of page resource delivery.

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Video Stream Delivery

Cache and deliver HTTPS video content, saving on bandwidth costs while delivering video quickly to users across regions.

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Our global network reduces the number of requests to an origin, lowering bandwidth consumption. Exercise control over how content is cached and increase your cache hit ratio.

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