Cloudflare application services

Web app security and delivery services run from a unified, cloud-native platform of security and connectivity solutions
Map of global Cloudflare network

Cloudflare application services help you block DDoS attacks and bad bots, close zero-days and other vulnerabilities, cache and accelerate content, manage APIs, and more.

Map of global Cloudflare network

Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud simplifies application security and delivery


Our composable platform and network offers a full suite of cloud-native security and delivery services that improve visibility, performance, and protection across your entire digital portfolio. These services all share:

  • Composable architecture: Meet any unique use case with full API programmability and customizable logging and routing
  • Integration: Preserve user experiences with single-pass inspection and a network that’s 50 ms from 95% of Internet users
  • Intelligence: We serve ~20% of Internet traffic and block 209 billion daily threats, helping you route traffic efficiently and catch more attacks.
  • Unified interface: Reduce tool sprawl and alert fatigue by uniting every security and networking service in one UI
Sage uses Cloudflare application services to protect and accelerate their SaaS offerings.

Financial software provider Sage wanted to stay ahead of the attackers aiming to steal Sage customers’ financial data.

They adopted Cloudflare’s WAF, bot management, DDoS mitigation, and CDN. Now, they have a clearer understanding of security incidents, helping them respond faster — and can deliver a better overall user experience.

“The amount of insight we gained from Cloudflare’s integrated solutions is impressive…With that added visibility, we could build an understanding of our footprint at the host level and make data driven business decisions.

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